Ep #119: Achieve Your Impossible Goal in 2022

It is now 2022, and the holidays are over just like that.  We are in a new year.

This show is about how I look at my goals, what process I take, and my year in review with all the amazing things of 2022.

Join me in this episode as I dive deep on how to lose weight for the last time from the inside out.

I will take you through my process of setting goals and how it helped me achieve my weight loss goal.

I will teach you how life is 50/50 – both amazing and hard, you will have success and challenges and failures. But yet, just embrace it all. You can learn to feel all the emotion and then go do the thing anyways.

I will teach you some tips and tricks on how I reach my goals I set.

If you want to lose weight for the last time this year – in a way that is with love – it is not about the food plan. It is about your thoughts and feelings. Get a coach. Come join us on Feb 9 in Transform Boss Weight Loss.

And if you want to take this work deeper, become the person who hits your impossible goal, feel better, lose weight for the last time, then take my free course. You can go to bflycoaching.com/ready.

In today’s episode, you will discover:

  • How to lose weight from the inside out
  • That life is 50/50, and to reach your goal, how to feel all the emotion, and just go to the thing anyway
  • How your thoughts determine your outcome – not action

Transformational questions/actions:

  1. Review 2021 – Look at your successes. What was amazing? Then throw in a couple challenges or things you learned
  2. Set your impossible goal.
  3. Decide what you need to think and feel to reach your impossible goal.

Featured on the Show:

  • Take my free course – Go to bflycoaching.com/ready
  • Join us February 9 when Transform Boss Weight Loss opens again

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to the Weight Loss for Successful Women podcast with Shannan Christiansen episode number 119. Welcome to Weight Loss for Successful Women, a podcast for women who are ready to break the diet cycle and end their struggle with weight for good. Here’s your host, fortune 100 executive, and certified life coach, Shannan Christiansen.

Hello love. So happy back with you. Can you even believe it it’s 2022? I mean, it sounds like some foreign year out there. I don’t know why you ladies, but you know, I grew up in the eighties, so 2022 sounds like very far in the future. And here we are. So today, I am going to talk about goals, resolutions, and really how to have the best year. And it’s probably not what you think, unless you’ve been listening to me for a bit.

So first, I want to do a listener shout out, and today is to Muse4u1963. And the title of her review in iTunes was Must Listen. I really enjoy listening to Shannan’s podcast. It’s a little bit of time devoted to me to learn about losing weight for the last time and changing my belief system. This system has kept me stuck in my own self-inflicted misery and diet mentality trauma for years. It has started to lift the limitations I’ve set for myself and challenging my automatic thoughts. I am more present in my life and thoughts and start to lose the low dips in my journey and exceeding my joy and love for myself. If you’re looking for real changes with love and support, come join Transform. You will not regret it. Thank you Shannan and your team for believing in myself again. Ah, I love this review. Muse4u, I’m guessing she’s a Transform Boss. I’m not sure which one, but whoever you are, I know I love you to pieces and I’m so grateful for the review.

And you know, you mentioned something in there that just was, I think is so powerful. You know, we’ve all had this trauma from years of dieting and roller coasters and believing that our bodies should be different, believing that it’s, you know, the way to have a different body and to look like that fitness star, right? That 19-year-old fitness star, is to restrict and be in the gym all the time, and pills and shakes and just, you know, things that don’t provide long term results. Over time, it just creates so much trauma that lives in our body. Thank you for leaving the review. I really loved it.

And I just want to remind all of my loves who are listening right now that there is a different way, and it really is through allowance and love and, you know, mindset, right? Changing your thoughts and beliefs and believing new things about yourself. And of course through love. And you know, if you find what you learned here valuable, you can help other women find this show by leaving a review and rating of the show and subscribe so every Wednesday I’m in your library.

Hello 2022. I know. As I’m recording this, it’s January 1st and it is 2022, and the holidays are over, just like that. I have to tell you my loves, I love a new year. I do. It’s part of just, you know, I do. I think probably many of you who are listening love it too, right? The hopefulness of this year. Right? And wanting things to be different. Wanting, you know, to grow, wanting to learn, wanting to achieve your weight loss goals. And today’s show is about how I look at my goals, what process I take, and I’m gonna throw in a little year in review and some of the amazing things of 2022.

If you’re anything like me, I did new year’s resolutions or goals. I would make a whole big list in every area of my life. I always did this, usually at the very beginning of January. Weight loss was on there every year for probably 38 years. But by February I had broken them, and I was starting to, you know, Valentine’s candy was out, and then there was Easter candy. I was always telling myself, okay, I’m going to start later. I’m going to start later. And having this weight loss goal on my list every year, it really kept me stuck, because I wanted to, I thought, I had to change everything about myself. I thought I needed to work out, exercise, eat “healthy food,” you know do all the things, meditate.

You know, I had, this whole list changed, you know, the way my relationship with money, my relationship with my spouse, my, you know, all the things right. And what it would do, I would feel overwhelmed. And then I would do nothing. If you’re a woman listening to this, then I am sure you are being inundated with weight loss and fitness ads. This is the truth my love, the truth as I know it. A food plan and exercise plan, they don’t teach you to lose weight from the inside out. They don’t address what happens when you have stress or get in an argument with your spouse, or when you’re halfway through a carton of ice cream. They don’t address diet trauma and how to love the process and love your body while you’re losing weight.


This is what kept me on the diet rollercoaster for so long until I hired a coach, learned the tools to change my mindset, and gave myself the space and time to do it. I allowed myself to eat all the things and then slowly started to find my hunger fullness cues. I became the scientist of my own body and learn how to figure out what fueled me. And I got coached, a lot. I still get weekly coaching to this day. This is what we do in Transform boss. We coach, teach mindset tools, and help women achieve their longstanding goal of losing weight for the very last time.

On Monday as I record this, so it will be over by the time this is released, I’m taking my Transform Bosses through this process in depth. I’m taking them step-by-step in a two-hour workshop so they can take weight loss off their goal list in 2023. And I want to share a bit of my process with you.

So, I do this in two parts and the first part is all about reviewing 2021, looking at my successes and my challenges. I mainly focus more on my success. I look at what I was doing that was right, that was good, that was amazing. I do a review with love and kindness. Now Lizzie, also known as your primitive brain, will want to focus on what you did not do. You know, what you should have done, the state of our world. But I just keep bringing my beautiful brain back to love, back to success.

I want to share a few of my successes with you for 2021. Transform Boss Weight Loss has grown. We welcomed in lots of beautiful women. We have the best community. I’m watching women have all sorts of success from weight loss, relationships, changing careers, and finding love again, in others and in themselves. We’ve upgraded our membership experience in 2021. We have monthly workshops. We finally got a downloadable calendar, one-on-one coaching, mentor session. Our designs, the quality of our work, the quality of our coaching, and we’ve introduced simplicity. And simplicity is one of our core values that we want to make it easy and doable for our ladies. And what we’ve implemented this year has been astonishing.

We hosted two Transform Boss virtual events and an in-person virtual event Unstoppable Live. I mean, it was so good to hug my ladies again. I mean, to hug them, to love on them, whether that was in person or virtually. My team, oh my goodness, we have grown. We moved three of our ladies into our Transform team this year, two of them became coaches and one of them became our lead editor.

And I watched Taylor and Telyn grow. They produce videos, design, technology. I mean, it blows all of our minds. They produce this podcast. We welcomed new mentors at the beginning of 2021 and seven beautiful ambassadors in September of this year. I love watching the entire Transform team grow, do things they never thought they would do, and blow their own minds.

I have the most beautiful team. I am so blessed and grateful for each one of them. In my family we welcomed Emma. Emma, she is beautiful. And just the sweetest baby. I really focused on my relationship with Paul this year, my husband. Our work continues to grow and we continue to hit new levels as a couple. We sold our house and moved.

We took four vacations to Sedona, Lake Tahoe, and San Diego. And we took a family trip to a cabin in Strawberry. It was my favorite. I watched my G babies continue to grow, and they really, they just impress me. They are all so unique and beautiful. Oh, I just love every single one of them. And I got to spend some really good time with my cousin. Ooh. I just love her.

For me, myself, my successes, I really pushed myself in 2021 to keep getting coached, to keep showing up for myself. I turned 50 this year and, well last year now, and loved every minute of it. I really embraced my body and my love for it. I continued to take care of it and give grace to it. I worked my relationships this year with myself, my family and my business. I got a Peloton. I have been wanting one for years. I love to spin. It’s part of the movement that my body that I really enjoy, whether it’s five minutes or 30 minutes, and I love it.

And loves, there were challenges, tears, fear, and doubt this year. The pandemic is still here. I struggled with finding balance between work and everything else. I love to work, I love working, and I have to consistently pull back. I miss my mom like crazy this year, wishing she was here. My dad had some health challenges this year too. And I just, you know, they’re scary and he’s doing very well, but still it was, you know, he gave us a good scare a couple of times this year. I even got sick in December, which I normally do not. And I did. And doubt, doubt crept in a good bit this year. And I had to allow it to be there and still move forward. I had some serious fails in the business. I mean, serious, some serious fails. Things we tried that didn’t work out. I wanted to be farther along in the business than I was. Ah, all of these were such good lessons I learned from each one.

When I look at 2021, it was 50/50. It was amazing. And it was hard. It had all of it. My successes are long and amazing. My challenges and failures are long and amazing. I embrace it all. I am learning that I can feel all the emotion and then go do the things anyways.


Now the second part of my process, I write all the outcomes I want in 2022. Then I decide how I want to think and feel about them. Then I choose one. I narrow it down to one impossible goal. One goal that is so scary and so hard. And one that is going to take me to the next version of myself. I think about how I want to feel on January 1st, 2023, I focus on one thing and then all the other things just fall along with it.

An impossible goal is one that is hard, that you think is impossible. You believe, like no way can I do this? See my love, an impossible goal is not about achieving the goal. This is really important so I really want you to hear this. It’s not about achieving the goal. It is about who you become in the process of achieving the goal. It’s starting to believe that you can achieve that goal.

It’s starting to believe that you are the person who hits and achieves the impossible goal. My impossible goal in 2022 is to have a thousand ladies come into Transform this year. It seems hard. It seems impossible. I know it will challenge me, my team and all of my fears and doubts. But my love, it is who I become to reach that goal.

It is me loving my future self now enough to want to reach this impossible goal. So first I break down the future version of me who has a thousand ladies in Transform. What does she do? What does she think, feel? How does she show up for herself? And again, this is about me. No comparison, no looking outward. This is all about looking inward.

I want to see like, who am I when I own a company that has a thousand clients? I have to be healthy in my mind and body. I have to prioritize. I have to do the things that have the most impact. I have to prioritize my mindset over everything else. I have and must get coached. I have to feel fear and doubt and allow for all of it. I have to make mistakes and fail. I have to keep moving forward and have a plan. I know what I need to do. I need to keep commitments to myself, all the while doing C work. Yes, no perfectionistic fantasies here. I must love fiercely myself, my clients and my family. That is the version of me in 2022.

See, it’s all about what I think and feel. That is how I reach my impossible goal. That is what coaching is all about. My thoughts create my outcomes. Your thoughts and beliefs create your outcomes. Not your action. See my loves, this is where diets go wrong. It focuses on the actions. It focuses on, if you just exercise more, if you just ate less. And then when you, you know, can’t do it, or you find yourself struggling, that’s all your beliefs, all your mindset. When you start sabotaging your success, when you have these old beliefs, these old records that have been playing in your brain and they come out, that my love, is what is preventing you from reaching every dream that you want.

It is your thoughts and your beliefs. Your thoughts, your beliefs create your outcomes, not your action. So my work, and I hope your work, will be there this year, in our thoughts and in our feelings so that we can create our outcomes.

If you want to lose weight for the last time this year in a way that is with love, it’s not about the food plan. It’s about your thoughts and feelings. Get a coach. Come join us on February 9th in Transform Boss.


Transformational questions and actions. Number one, review 2021. Look at your successes. What was amazing? Then throwing a couple of challenges or things you learned along the way. Number two, set your impossible goal. One goal. Again, not about achieving it. It’s about who you become in the process. And number three, decide what you need to think and feel to reach your impossible goal.

Transform Boss Weight Loss is where we take this work to a deeper level where I teach you tools so you can achieve your impossible goal and become the person who achieves that goal. Start with my free course. You can get it at bflycoaching.com/ready. Ooh, so good.

Thank you for listening to this episode of Weight Loss for Successful Women. If you love what you heard today and want to learn more, come on over to bflycoaching.com. See you next week.


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