Ep #123: Feeling Disappointed That You Have Wasted Money and Time Again?

In this week’s show I have been thinking about weight loss – I don’t know about you, but I am still inundated with weight loss ads, products, and miracle cures.

We waste all kinds of money and time on all these “magical” solutions.

Are you ready to break this diet cycle?

Join me in this episode as I teach you how to lose weight for good – no diet plans here.

I will give you steps to help turn the disappointment and failure to courage and success.

I want to offer you hope. I know the fundamentals that I teach work – because I did it and I have so many successful clients.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

If you are ready to stop wasting your time and money, then come join us in Transform boss weight loss – You can go to jointransformboss.com to learn all about it. We open on February 9th.

In today’s episode, you will discover:

  • That you don’t need the next “magical” plan to lose weight
  • How to invest in yourself – We don’t have the time to NOT invest in ourselves
  • How my fundamentals can help you hack your old habits

Transformational Questions/Actions:

  1. What have been your biggest time and money wasters in weight loss?
  2. What do you want to decide to do to invest in yourself?
  3. Why does it matter?

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Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to the Weight Loss for Successful Women podcast with Shannan Christiansen episode number 123. Welcome to Weight Loss for Successful Women, a podcast for women who are ready to break the diet cycle and end their struggle with weight for good. Here’s your host, fortune 100 executive, and certified life coach, Shannan Christiansen.

Hello Love. So happy to be back with you. I cannot believe we’re already in February. Time is going so fast. We just unveiled our new membership site and updated course for all of our Transform Bosses. It is mind blowing. I feel so blessed to have this amazing team. I was looking back over the last couple of years and seeing how we keep up leveling what we provide our clients. You know, we really love our Bosses.

We come from a service and love first approach. We talk about how we can serve our clients. How can we, you know, help them achieve their success quicker? How can we make it simple? We are invested in our clients. In you. And we really think about how can we help serve women? How can we teach this in a way, this process, you know, mindset change in a way that is simple in simple and doable steps?

It’s so important to me because I really was, you know, on the diet roller coaster for 38 years. And I think about every woman out there who’s struggling to love themselves, struggling to find their worth, and I just want to give you some hope that there are different things than a diet plan. There is a different approach. Stay with me because as you continue to learn this, and as you continue to grow and you keep showing up, you will become unstoppable. It’s just inevitable my love.

So in today’s show, I’ve been thinking about weight loss. You know, I do a lot. I don’t know about you, but I’m still inundated with weight loss ads, products, and miracle cures. I’m getting all of the advertisements. If you drink this shake you will look like this 20-year-old fitness model. For my entire lifetime this is what I’ve been told. Eat less, move more, find the magical food combination. So, 38 years of it, thinking that food was either good or bad. I had invested thousands of hours of my time and thousands of dollars of my money. When I went back to Weight Watchers for the last time, I remember so clearly that it was it, I was done. I was not going to do it any longer. I just could not waste my time or money any longer. I could not go through the humiliation of weighing in and gaining weight.

I was talking with this lady a while back, we had just struck up a conversation while we were waiting in line. She asked me what I did, and I told her, which led to this conversation, and some tears and some hugs. She too has struggled with her weight. She was telling me that she had felt like she had invested so much money into the weight loss industry that she could not spend one more dollar. She felt like she was just going to be her current weight, but she hated it.

She had hoped so many times before and then failed, and then felt such disappointment in herself and in the weight loss industry. She had done all the diets, all the programs. She had been so frustrated and here we were in line, and I hugged this lady. I didn’t know her, but I felt like I knew her. I mean, we had our mask on and I just could not help it. Like tears were flowing. And I just had so much love for her, because I was her.

I had felt the same way. I knew exactly what she was feeling in that moment. Hopeless. I know many of my clients come to me feeling this way. I really understand why we focus on diet plans and exercise plans. If you just do that, then you’ll lose your weight, and everything will be amazing. But extreme restriction, cutting out food groups, exercise programs, just leave us feeling beat up, physically in pain from over doing what our bodies aren’t capable of, and embarrassed because they don’t work long-term. So, we end up just feeling disappointed and hopeless. I understand why ladies don’t want to believe that there’s a different way, because we have been let down so many times before.

I was just like this beautiful woman I encountered in this line. I thought I could not invest my time or my money one more time. Diet plans, magical pills, shakes, they are time and money wasters, because they’re missing the biggest part of weight loss – your mindset, your beliefs, thoughts, and how they affect the way you feel. I keep hearing about this 75 hard. I just wanted to see what it was about.

And I just thought, oh my goodness, it’s just another way to sabotage your success. It’s another like extreme restriction. It’s just a way to set yourself up for failure because it just doesn’t address your thoughts and beliefs. And I tell you my love, there’s so many things, like there’s always a new 75 hard or Keto. It’s just so important to understand that mindset change, learning that how your beliefs and thoughts and how they affect the way you feel. These diet plans, they don’t teach you how to handle urges and over desire. What to do when you’ve overeaten and feel like quitting. When you’re feeling tired and alone, and you just want a cookie to feel better. I used to tell myself that I did not have the time.

Ladies, I see this all the time. This is because for most of us, we’re afraid to fail. We’re so fearful of being disappointed again, so we put all our time and energy into our families, work, Netflix. When I left Weight Watchers and decided to stop dieting, I thought at first, I’m not wasting my money. I’m not doing this again. But then I started to do research. I hired a coach and I invested both my time and money, and I’ve never looked back. It has propelled my life forward, like a rocket ship. I just today want to offer you some hope. I know what I teach works because I did it. And I have so many successful clients.

When I decided to lose weight, I focused on my fundamentals, my mindset and tools that helped me hack my old habits. See my love, it is never about the food. I enjoy all of the foods today, all of them. And I want to offer you four steps that helped me turn disappointment and failure to courage and success.

Number one, I stopped wasting my time and money in diet plans. I stopped looking for the magical solution. I decided no more of that. Number two, I hired a coach and got into a coaching program so I could work on my mindset. Number three, I showed up for me and invested in me. I decided I was worth it. And number four, when I told myself I did not have the time, I knew that it was just old beliefs and fear coming up. I allow the fear. I allow myself a few minutes to feel it. Then I would tell myself that’s just old habit thinking. No beat down, no judgment. And then I just started to decide, what did I want to think and believe now?

See, I didn’t not have the time to take care of me. I mean, that’s really it, isn’t it? We don’t have the time to not invest in ourselves. Because we matter. You matter. Life, it keeps moving. Time, oh, it’s going so fast. I wanted freedom. I wanted to feel and be healthy. I wanted a body that I could move in. I wanted a body that I loved. It is possible my love. There is a different way that leads to courage and success versus disappointment and failure.

And if you’re ready to stop wasting your time and money, then come join us in Transform Boss Weight Loss. You can go to jointransformboss.com to learn all about it. We open February 9th and I cannot wait. Ooh, so good. Bye for now Love.

Thank you for listening to this episode of Weight Loss for Successful Women. If you love what you heard today and want to learn more, come on over to bfly.coaching.com. See you next week.


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