EP #160: What Have You Given Up On In Your Weight Loss Journey


How I used to be so tired of the diets and my struggle with my weight that I became indifferent to it. I had to learn that I matter, that I deserved more than a cupcake.

In this episode, I teach you 3 simple steps to start going after your goals, dreams and desires.

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You are listening to the Weight Loss for Successful Women Podcast with Shannon Christensen, episode number 160. Welcome to Weight Loss for Successful Women, a podcast for women who are ready to break the diet cycle and end their struggle with Wait for good. Here’s your host, Fortune 100 executive and certified life coach, Shannon Christensen. Hello, love. So happy to back with you.

Oh my gosh. 160 episodes. 160 weeks. I know, it’s amazing. Ladies. I know, I’m so excited. I barely can contain myself today. We are open. Transform Boss is Open. This is our last opening of the year, so if you have been waiting to get in, get in My Loves. I know. Transform Boss is so amazing.

I’m telling you ladies, I have been putting some things together and I’ve just been really looking at everything we offer in Transform Boss. And it is amazing. I’m so proud of the team and our coaches and our mentors and our challenge ambassadors. We just have the best team and all of our back end operations and support teams. I mean, I’m just so proud today.

That’s how I’m feeling. Have you ever just felt so proud? You’ve seen a journey that you’ve been on, You know you’re out there and you’re not always quite sure what you’re doing, and then it all kind of comes together and I feel like that is where we are right now. So we are open. We’re also in the middle of the finished strong challenge.

I love challenges. I really do just love them. I love watching ladies explore this idea that diets don’t work and there’s a different way. And I love introducing ladies to this work. The challenges always touch my heart because I see ladies and their struggle and all the things that we just go through and it’s just amazing, ladies, it can make me so emotional.

If you wanna join, go to join transform boss.com. You’ll get all the information there. We have a couple new videos on there too. So good. Love it. So today I wanna talk about what you may have given up on. I remember before I had lost my weight, I had gained some weight. You know, I was in that kind of period where,

you know, I had lost a lot of weight and then it was coming back on. You know what I’m talking about, right? And you start having all these feelings like, here I am again. I’m gaining weight and I just don’t wanna diet anymore. I just was so tired of dieting. You know what I’m talking about? I know you do.

If you’re a woman in this country or other countries, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Where you start feeling shameful because you’ve gained some of it back and worried that people are gonna start to notice that here you are again. Can’t figure it out. And I remember thinking I was just so tired of it, I just didn’t even wanna think about it anymore.

I was so tired of worrying about it. I was so tired of my weight. I was so tired of looking for the next diet. I was thinking about going back to Weight Watchers again. I had never really had success with them, you know, not long term, maybe a few pounds here or there, but I just was so frustrated and I just got to this place where I just was indifferent.

I just thought, I’m just gonna always struggle with it. It doesn’t matter. Anyway. Have you ever felt like that? I remember telling myself that I was getting older family genetics, that I was para menopausal at the time. You know, I had a husband who loved me. I had a career that it was fine, that I didn’t love my body,

that I didn’t always feel good. It was just fine. Have you ever felt this way? See, I just got so tired of it all, and I told myself I didn’t have the time that I was not gonna put one more dollar into diets and that I just had this thought that I couldn’t do it. I had this fear around it. I just didn’t wanna think about it anymore.

And I was eating all the things. I was eating all the things because I didn’t know what to do. And I was so confused about it all because I thought I’ve done all the diets, I did weight loss surgery, I did all the things, and here I was still overweight, still looking for the next diet, still thinking I had to exercise every day and do all the things and get a trainer and all right.

I was just in this state of indifference. I was just in this state of, I just didn’t care about it anymore. And what happened was I started not caring about meat, and I just did what I always did. I showed up for everyone else. I overworked, I put all my energy into all the other humans, and then at the end of the day would come home and eat my reesey peanut butter cups,

my peanut m and ms, and tell myself, this is what I deserved. You know, my loves. As I’m teaching new ladies this week, I see their struggles and it’s so interesting to me because as they tell their stories, I can see myself in their stories because we have so much fear around losing weight. Our bodies, you know, we’ve given up this idea that our bodies can feel good.

You know, we see pictures of ourselves and we’re just horrified, then beat ourselves up because we have these thoughts like, how could we let ourselves get this way? How can we be here again? But even if you’re getting to your goal weight, or even if you’re there, these thoughts of failure, the fear of failure, the fear of gaining it back,

it can lead to these thoughts of indifference and they still will come up. See, my loves, for many of us women, we have pushed our dreams and desires down. We stopped dreaming, we stopped desiring things for ourselves. We put all our hope into others, our kids, grandkids, family members, partners, and you know, we have hope for them.

We want the best for them. But somewhere along the way, we stop wanting it for ourselves. We have to be very careful because this thought, I’m too old. I’m too overweight, I’m too, fill in the blank. It just keeps us without hope for ourselves. See, we’ve quietly given up hope on our dreams and desires. When I decided to lose weight for the very last time and started to dream again,

I had to start to get some hope. I had to start to believe that things were possible for me. Now, all the things came up, all the fear. I mean, Lizzie, she just wants me to stay the same. You know that part of your brain, she’s always talking to you. She just wants you to stay the same.

But somewhere inside of you, there is this other part of you, this little girl who is just like, No, we want more. We want to play. We want to dream. We want to go out there and get it and just get it. We want to live this life that is meaningful. We want things for ourself. Now, Lizzie,

she still pipes up. I just now know how to talk to her. This is what I do in Transform Boss Weight Loss. I teach women how to start to have hope, how to start to have dreams and desire for themselves again, and how to talk to Lizzie. I have a lot of women around me cheering me on. I have support.

That is the foundation of Transform Boss, weight loss, it’s coaching course and community. See my loves. I know that you’ve done this by yourself. I tell you, I did it for so long. But you have to have support in this life, in your journey. You have to have women around you who know what you’re going through, who are cheering you on.

That my love. That is what helps us. That is what helps us start to have hope again, dreams and desires. We see other women doing amazing things, and then we want to do that too. You know, I read a lot of business business books and they say that you are the sum of the five people that you spend the most time with.

And I tell you ladies, that always stuck with me. I can’t remember who said it, someone you know, it was in one of the business books, and then I’ve heard it lots of times since. What it means is that when you’re around people who are farther along in the journey than you are, who can inspire you, who can show you the way,

then you level up. If you’re around people who are just struggling and, and you know in their own drama, then it can be difficult for you to know how to move forward. This is what I love about Transform Boss. You know, my ladies inspire me. They inspire me to be better, to show up better. They have tips and tools.

They try new things. You know, I have ladies who are starting businesses who are, I mean, just doing amazing stuff in this world. And I just tell you ladies, this support of a community of women, it is everything. My love. You were meant for more. You matter. You were meant for dreams and desires for yourself. Of course,

we have them for the other humans, but you have to make it on the list. So what to do? Number one, ask yourself, what is my biggest dream or desire for myself, my love for yourself? I know we have ’em for everyone else. That’s not what this question is. What is your biggest dream or desire for you? Number two,

what support do you need? How can you get a community of women who support you, who are non-judgmental, who inspire you to be better? Three, you gotta allow Lizzie to pipe up. We think she shouldn’t, but she is going to. She’s gonna tell you all the things, and you just have to talk to her and reassure her that you got her,

you got her, and that you know what to do. And if you’re ready to take this work deeper, then come join us. Go to join transform boss.com. We are open until Monday the 24th. I think it’s 1155 Pacific time. We close and we’re closing until March of 2023. Ladies, you know, at the end of every year, I just get into my bosses.

That’s what I do. We just, we just, I love ’em up, help ’em get through the holidays. We have so many fun things going on in Transform Boss. Over the next couple months, we have The Healing You Series where I’m teaching ladies how to heal the relationship with food and themselves. We just have so much fun stuff. We have a holiday block party in December that is gonna be amazing.

So come join us. Yeah, you got this, my love. You know what to do. All right, Right, my loves. Bye for now. Thank you for listening to this episode of Weight Loss for Successful Women. If you love what you heard today and wanna learn more, come on over to bly coaching.com. That’s B F L Y coaching.com.

See you next week.


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