Ep #185: Is a Magical Food Plan the Answer?

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T-BOSS TAKE #15: Magic Food Plans

In today’s episode, you will discover: Is there a magical food plan? We try all of the different diets, exercise plans and more to lose weight. We might have success at first, but it’s usually temporary. We want to do this without changing our thinking and beliefs. I’m going to give you my take on how to lose weight and heal your relationship with food.

In this episode…

[1:50] Over time, you start sabotaging your weight loss success.

[4:42] Why do I keep doing this to myself?

[5:20] Status quo

[8:26] We have to start to think something different and do something different #dsd

[9:17] When I start to think differently, feel differently, then I start to do things differently.

[9:39] There is no magic food plan.

[10:31] To lose weight and heal your relationship, this is what you have to do.

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You are listening to the Weight Loss for Successful Women Podcast with Shannan Christiansen, episode number 185. Welcome to Weight Loss for Successful Women, a podcast for women who are ready to break the diet cycle and end their struggle with weight for good. Here’s your host, fortune 100 executive, and certified life coach, Shannan Christiansen.


Hello love. So happy to be back with you. Yesterday, while it was Easter, as I’m recording this and I had the most beautiful, blessed day, I watched an amazing service, rested, relaxed, rode my bike for a good bit, and had an amazing conversation with my son that was just, ugh, beautiful. I just love him. Love you Taylor. And it was just a beautiful day. I hope all of you had a beautiful Easter, and I hear spring’s coming for some of you, so I wish that upon you too.


So today we’re gonna talk about magical food plans. And if you’ve been on the diet rollercoaster, which if you’re listening to this, I bet you have been, whether it’s 5 years, 10 years, or 50 years, I think we were taught this motto, eat less move more. And what’s happened with that is it’s just, you know, there’s a lot of marketing out there in the diet industry and it’s turned into somewhere out there there is a magical food combination, and if you eat that, you will lose weight. Now, if you eat it, you might lose weight for sure, right? We’ve all done the things where we’ve lost some weight on all the things.


But what happens is that over time you start sabotaging your success, you start eating a little more. Maybe you cut out carbohydrates or sugar, and suddenly you’re so stressed about eating the cupcake, you know, ladies, right? And you don’t know what to do, because you didn’t lose weight eating cupcakes so now you’re panicked. And then slowly, you know, you keep telling yourself, I’m gonna get back on track tomorrow. Ladies, I’ve done this for like a year of like, I’m getting back on track tomorrow. Like tomorrow’s the day. You know, tomorrow’s the day, right? And so this is what I like to call the diet rollercoaster.


And it’s just looking for food or an exercise plan so you can lose weight, and this is the important part of this piece, without changing your thinking or your beliefs. See ladies, I think all of us, all of you who are listening or watching me on YouTube, you right? We know a little bit like what feels good in our body, we might be disconnected from it, which is what I really work with my clients on. But you somewhat know, right? If you just eat and you’re stuffed all the time, you don’t feel good, you probably know like, ah, maybe that’s not good, right?


And you know, a certain amount of food that feels good and that, you know, if you eat a little bit less right, you can lose weight. I think we all have that understanding, that base knowledge. But this is where the rub comes in. If you don’t start to work on your beliefs, on your thinking, if you’re not being coached, if you’re not starting to believe new things. And too, I think one of the most important things, if you just don’t have awareness of why. See so much of the work that I do with my clients in Transform Boss is about this awareness of, you know, what are my triggers? Why do I wanna overeat? Why do I want to emotionally eat? And see, a food plan just does not solve that.


This diet rollercoaster that I’m sure you’ve been on, you know, it feels so difficult. I was on it for almost 38 years. There’s a little bit of trauma in my body because I felt so much shame about my weight, and I had these things that have happened to me. You know, I’d go into a gym and be ostracized, or people staring at me like, Hey, what’s this 300 pound girl doing in the gym? And maybe they weren’t even thinking that. Maybe not, but I felt that way. And so it’s caused, you know, this stress in my body and shame. This is what the diet rollercoaster is. And a food plan and an exercise plan just won’t solve that.


I wanna back up a minute and just talk about biases. And you know, you might be asking yourself, Shannan, why? Why do I keep doing this to myself? I can’t tell you how many times I just was like, I went back to WW, you know, I don’t even know. I say 13, 14 times. I really don’t know how many times I tried to go back, but I just remember having a stack of those little cards from how many times. And I’m sure I didn’t keep ’em all. And I tried online. I mean, you know, ladies, I did all the things. So you might be asking yourself like, why do I keep doing this to myself? And so I wanna talk about your brain. Cuz you know, ladies, I love the brain. I do. I love how we’re wired.


And one of the biases that I wanna talk about today is called status quo. This bias, all humans have it, I believe. And this is your preference to keep things the way they are. Okay? So an easy example of this, if you’re anything like me, I do this. You go to a restaurant that you go to a lot and they have this new special and it looks delicious, and you smell it and you’re like, oh my gosh, it looks good. I’m watching someone eat it, and you’re like, Ooh, I wanna try it. I wanna try it. And then your brain’s like, Ooh, let’s just go with what we always do, the safe option.


Even though you might enjoy the new special, it might become your new favorite, you go with the “status quo.” This happens with many of us in weight loss. And again, this is just how our brain is wired. We wanna go with the safe option. Remember, Lizzy wants to keep us outta danger. Change equals danger in our brains. This is why humans don’t like change. This is why humans resist it, because we don’t like it.


We’re not wired to like it. It feels dangerous to us change, right? We wanna go with the status quo. It’s just a bias that we have in our brain. So I think about this in weight loss. So you’ve been to Weight Watchers, you’ve been keto or counting calories for 20 years, and maybe it wasn’t keto, maybe it was Atkins, right? Even removing some food group for a long time. Maybe you just went on the fruit only diet or the, oh my gosh, what was that soup, cabbage soup diet, right? So you’ve been doing this for so long that that feels familiar. That is your status quo.


I wanna repeat that. You dieting, following a food plan, looking for a magical food plan, this is status quo to you. This is what you do. It’s familiar. And so you search the internet for the next new thing, buying a new pill, doing the new thing. That’s just so normal to you. I know, it’s just really important my love to just understand that this is how you’re wired.


And so when you go to start to do something different, I watch this in my clients. You know, at first they’re really excited. They’re like, yes, yes, yes. I found a different way, they love me. They’re like, yes, yes, yes. And then there’s a moment. And then it can be more moments where they’re like, oh man, this has changed. This is different. And their brain starts piping up, do I wanna do this work? Oh, no, no, I’m failing. I’m not doing it right. You know, all the things. And so understanding that this is just how you’re wired, that you have this bias to just go with the status quo.


If all your friends are doing the next new thing, maybe it’s Octavia, maybe. I mean, I could name a thousand of them. There’s so many, so I can’t even keep up ladies. There’s so many. I just saw something cuz you know, I love researching this stuff. It was like tried five or something. I was like, oh, you know, there’s just always some new thing. We’re used to that. That has become our status quo.


And so we have to start to think something different, and we have to start doing something different, #DSD, do something different. At first, you’ll feel excited for a bit, maybe a little fear in there, but then you’re gonna come to a point where you’re like, whoa, this is different. Whoa, this is work. And then your brain will do one of two things. You will do one of two things. You will continue with the work and do that hard. Or you’ll go back to wanting to feel familiar, wanting to, to be comfortable.


Oh, ladies, I know, I did this. I went, when I first started learning this work, I went in and out of it for sure. And so I don’t want you to beat yourself up for it. I just want you to keep coming into awareness of like, oh, this work, this work of changing my thoughts, what I believe, working on my mind, that is what’s going to get me the results that I want in my life.


When I start to think differently, feel differently, then I start to do things differently. When I can feel uncomfortable, when I can feel, you know, I’m in a puddle about, oh, I don’t wanna do this today, and I do it anyways, that builds resilience. Oh, ladies, you just become unstoppable. This is the thing my loves, there is no magical food plan. I know, I know. We think if there is, but there isn’t. How you, what is the magic? The magic is within you. The magic is in your thinking. It’s in your thoughts. It’s in believing something different. It’s reprogramming your brain from years of thinking that you’re not good enough, that you can’t do it.


You know, it’s your, it’s reconnecting to your body so that you can feel hunger and fullness and start to like, oh, you know what? I ate half a cupcake today and I was satisfied. Do you know how powerful that feels when you’re like, oh my gosh, I’m losing weight and I can eat anything. I can eat anything because I pay attention. That’s what I teach in Transform Boss. It’s so powerful. That is where the magic is.


So to lose weight and heal your relationship, this is what you have to do. This is my take on it ladies. Number one, you have to notice what you’re thinking. Awareness of how you’re thinking is causing you to overeat or to do things that you don’t wanna do. This comes where you feel like maybe you’re eating behind your own back, right? And this is really because you, you have these automatic thoughts, right? That’s the automatic part of your brain. And so I want you to ask yourself this question, how and why do I wanna stay the same? Yeah, you’re like, Shannan, I don’t, no, I really want you to ask this question. I want you to ask yourself how and why do I wanna stay the same? Even though I know it causes me hardship, even though I don’t like it? You have some reasoning to why you wanna stay the same.



Number two, then I want you to decide on purpose, consciously using your thinking brain, what do you wanna think about your ability to lose weight? What do you wanna think about losing weight? What do you wanna decide on purpose to think about yourself? Just choose one, make it simple.


And number three, whatever you and number two decided to think about yourself, about your capability to lose weight, it has to be positive, ladies. It can’t be rainbows and daisies. Maybe it’s, I’m learning to do something different. I love that thought. Practice that thinking and practice it over and over again. Have it come up in your phone. All my ladies in Transform get coached. Go through the coursework. Immerse yourself in this content of learning how to change what you think and believe about yourself.


Because when you reprogram your brain, that’s when it gets easier. It does. I just wanna give you some hope ladies. I know when you’re starting this work, or maybe you’ve even been in it for six months, over time, it does get easier. Now, I wanna give you one little caveat there though. Then you wanna go and do something amazing though, and the next thing, so you’ll lose your weight and then you’re like, oh, what’s next? What’s next? What do I wanna do? And then you’ll be off to starting a business or changing a career, or you know, taking up a hobby or volunteering or doing something.


That’s what happens. And then you’ll be like, oh my gosh, this is hard. So I just wanna say this: losing weight, when you start to believe and change your thinking, it will get easier over time. But you know ladies, you’ll just become unstoppable. And then you’ll be like, oh my gosh, what else can I do? I watched this with my client, so I know that this happens, and myself.


So next week, three thoughts to change to lose weight. I’m so excited about that episode. Now make sure that you subscribe and follow. So you wanna hit the little plus sign if you’re listening on Apple, or if you’re in Spotify, you wanna follow. So make sure that you follow me so that you know, every Wednesday the new episode’s right there, you don’t wanna miss out. These episodes are juicy. I know. You can follow the YouTube channel too, and then it’s always there for you. And you can watch the podcast.


And of course, if you wanna take this work deeper, then check out Transform Boss. It’s my monthly membership where I teach women how to lose weight for the last time and get off the diet rollercoaster. It’s based on coaching, community, and coursework. You can go to jointransformboss.com, see if we’re open, right? Oh, we’re closed right now. So I don’t know when you’re listening to this episode, but we open and we close. But if we’re closed, you know, we’ll throw the free course in there. So, all right, bye for now loves.


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