Ep #161: Ohh, the Holidays

Ep #161: Ohh, the Holidays

I remember how I used to feel overwhelmed at the holidays and then would eat all the things, then end up feeling worst. Oh, and through in a good cold or bronchitis in there for good measure. I had to learn how to show up for me during the holidays. In this episode, I will teach you how to start thinking differently about the holidays plus I have an amazing invitation for you.

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  • Holiday Healing You Workshop – Start your journey of healing your relationship with food and how to handle the holidays without overeating and still eating your favorite food. The first 40 ladies will get the workbook mailed to them. Register by 11/07 at bflycoaching.com/yes

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to the Weight Loss for Successful Women Podcast with Shannan Christensen, episode number 161. Welcome to Weight Loss for Successful Women, a podcast for women who are ready to break the diet cycle and end their struggle with weight for good. Here’s your host, fortune 100 executive, and certified life coach, Shannan Christensen.


Hello love. So happy to be back with you. Oh, ladies, we just welcomed in a whole bunch of new Bosses, #newboss. I am so excited for them. We had the Welcome party last night and it was amazing. I love these ladies and I cannot wait to watch their journey and watch them transform and reach all of their goals. I know that they are excited and also have some fear, but that’s what we do in Transform Boss. I teach them how they can have success and still have fear. Because fear will always be your passenger. Always.


I know fear never goes away and it doesn’t go away unless you’ve completely disconnected and you’re living like this kind of meh life. I know. When you want something amazing, you want to reach goals, you want to have your dreams and desires, what I talked about in last week’s episode, fear will always show up. So what? What? Yeah, that’s what I teach you my loves. So what? When you know it will be there, fear, and you do amazing things anyway. You are unstoppable.


Ladies, we are getting ready to go up north to this amazing cabin with my family. This is our yearly fall trip and I cannot wait. It will be cold and fun. Oh, and my grandbaby’s ladies, I cannot wait. I just wanna wrap myself in them. I do. I just love them so much and I’m gonna disconnect. I’m gonna get lots of rest. I just cannot wait. I’m gonna sit by the fire, read, play games. Oh, my loves the best.


So let’s talk about the holidays. Oh, yes, they are here. I know they come every year. I think they come faster and faster the older I get. I absolutely love the holidays. They are my favorite time of the year, and they’re also full of all the feelings. Loss, grief, worry, overwhelm. For so many holidays, I did all the things for all the other humans. I did. And I remember holidays, though I loved them also, there was many years I would get sick, like with bronchitis and different things because I just, I don’t know. I worked myself to death, honestly. I just worked and worked and worked and did everything for everyone else, and I wanted everything to be perfect.


And then as I went through this process that I teach now, I started curating my own holidays, how I wanted them. I made a plan of the things I wanted to do, how I wanted to show up, and how I wanted to feel during them. I let go of the perfectionistic, people pleasing me. I really did. I don’t have to have the perfect tree or the perfect holidays, or the perfect family. I just allow myself to enjoy and have joy. I love the holidays, and I’m not worried about my weight or going to things I don’t want to. I find that my family has more fun with me because of it.


I actually show up better for the humans around me, and I also allow myself to feel the feelings. You know, I miss my mom and the holidays, it was her favorite time too. Oh my goodness. She loved them. And I miss her, and I miss the traditions. I miss her cooking. I miss her calling me five times a day, no lie, because she just loved them. She loved going over her list a hundred times with me, and I just miss it. And oh, I know. I get a little emotional ladies. And I allow myself to feel those feelings. I allow myself not to have the perfect tree, the perfect family, the Instagram shop.


I get my messy holiday life, and it feels relieving actually. It feels like relief, my holidays, it feels like joy. That is what my holidays feel like now. I’m not obsessing about the food I’m going to eat because I’m pushing down other feelings that I’m having. I just feel all of them. And I allow myself to have an imperfect holiday. When I started thinking differently about the holidays and made a plan, I make a plan every year, it has made all of the difference in the world.


See, with my bosses, we make a plan every year. Every year I do a holiday workshop, and we plan and curate what our holidays are gonna be. I don’t need to eat my way through them. I get to feel all of the feelings and still enjoy my favorite foods.


So number one, decide on how you want to show up this holiday, what you wanna do for yourself. And what you’re okay with letting go of or not going to. Ladies, when you don’t wanna do something and you do it anyways, that’s full of resentment and ugh, just horrible feelings, and you don’t show up as your best self. So do the things that you wanna do. Your family will thank you for it.


Number two, join us in our Holiday Healing You Workshop. What? I know that some of you missed out on our opening of Transform Boss and you’re kicking yourself. But I wanna help you with the holidays. So I’m doing a four-hour workshop with all of my Transform Bosses on November 12th, and I’m gonna invite ladies who are not Transform Bosses to come to the four-Hour Workshop.


All of my Transform Bosses, don’t worry, it’s on your calendar. You got this, you’re coming. You don’t have to do a thing. But if you are not in Transform Boss Weight Loss, then you can go and register for the workshop. It costs $19. I mean, what a steal ladies, $19 for the workshop. And the first 40 ladies that register will also get the workbook mailed to them.


Now you must register by November 7th, 2022. In this workshop, you’re gonna learn how to start setting goals that you can achieve, what the optimal Healing Zone is, and I’m gonna start to teach you how to heal your relationship with food and how to start rebuilding your relationship with food and yourself. Then together we’re gonna curate a plan for you and the holidays. How to get through the holidays like a boss.


This workshop will be so powerful. Now, if you’re a boss again, don’t worry, you’re in. It’s on your calendar my love. Now, for all my non bosses who are not in Transform Boss, when you pay the $19, you’re gonna get the four-hour workshop, the workbook and replay of the event that won’t expire for three months.


Ooh, so good. I never do this, but I really have a mission of helping every woman live their best life in a body she loves. So go to bflycoaching.com/yes. We’ll also put it in the show notes for you. So good, my loves. Bye for now.


Thank you for listening to this episode of Weight Loss for Successful Women. If you love what you heard today and wanna learn more, come on over to bflycoaching.com. See you next week.



Bonus – How to Lose Weight and Get Off the Diet Roller Coaster

Bonus Episode - How to Lose Weight and Get Off the Diet Roller Coaster

Ready to finally stop dieting and get off the diet roller coaster. I want to introduce you to Transform Boss and how you can get support and have the tools that you need to live your best life in a body you love.

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Tranfsorm Boss Weight Loss is OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT! Join now at jointransformboss.com

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to a special episode of Weight Loss for Successful Women with Shannon Christensen. This is a bonus episode, and this is for all the ladies who wanna know how to get off the diet roller coaster and lose weight for the last time. I’m not much of a joiner. I’m not, and even when I was a kid, I spent a good amount of time by myself,

and it was important to me when I created Transformed Boss Weight Loss that it was a place where any woman who wanted to lose weight would feel comfortable, where she felt that she wasn’t alone anymore. Whether she was an extrovert or an introvert, I wanted women to feel supported in a fun and welcoming community where weight loss was the one thread that we all had in common.

I have had a good amount of shame and struggle around my weight. I felt alone in weight loss most of my life. When I created Transform Boss, I wanted to create a community where love, acceptance and no judgment were the guiding principles. Every member, coach, mentor, ambassador, and our entire team are in Transform Boss to grow, learn,

support, and hold space for one another. I would never want anyone to feel left out or uncertain of what to do. This is why when you come join us and transform Boss, you will be taken step by step through what to do and how to make the most of the membership work for you. You are unique. You have different needs and desires.

You only have so much time. We will help you design a program based on your needs. Now, you’ll have some doubts, fear and overwhelm, but that is normal. We will be there to support you and help you get through those feelings. You can lose weight for the last time and do it in a way that you can enjoy and do.

I have done this work and I have felt just like you. When you commit to yourself, we will commit to you. Here’s exactly what happens when you join. First you get your login credentials to the membership site. That is amazing, and this is where you can start on the Transform Boss Weight Loss course right away to start having success and to start feeling better.

Next, you’re gonna join our community. Our community is completely optional. We have a private boss only Facebook group. This is a new boss Facebook group for all of our new bosses just like you. Our entire team will be in there to support you and answer any questions that you have. Then you’ll come to the welcome party. I take you step by step on how to get started.

And of course, course, if you can’t make it, there’s always a replay available. As you move through the Transform Boss Weight Loss course and other bonus materials, you’ll be able to attend a coaching call or a deep dive call for coaching and coursework. You will also be able to submit a question through Ask a Coach for written coaching anytime 24 7. We want to make sure that you have everything you need,

and we also have a bonus vault. We are like the Netflix, Hulu of weight loss. We have tons of workshops, bonus trainings, video series where I take you behind the scenes of my life and my work. I’ll show you what I eat, how I move my body, my challenges, and my own work. I show you my family in life too.

This is a nine week series that you will have at your fingertips when you join. You’ll find that you’re not as hungry and you know what to do at night or on the weekends where you would have blown it. And then over time, you’re just gonna start to blow your own mind. You will start to feel unstoppable and fierce. You will start to lose weight and watch in awe like,

This is really happening. I’m still eating pizza and losing weight. And you’ll watch your life and weight start to change. Think about where you wanna be in three months. You can start the new year without Searchie for the next diet because you’re already gonna be on your way. So this question is transform Boss weight loss for you. You might be wondering or have some fear around if it will work or not.

I can’t promise or guarantee you results, but I can show you the way with kindness, love, and support. I will be your biggest cheerleader. If anyone is promising you results, be wary of them because at the end of the day, you have to show up, Start believing yourself and do the work. Transform Boss does work when you show up and trust the process.

See, you will run into old Lizzy thoughts. You will have challenges. Life will get hard, but that is why you need support. We think we can follow some food plan and do it by ourselves, but you have to have support and weight loss. You need someone sometimes to just tell you it’s gonna be okay, and you got this when you’re feeling like you just can’t do it.

We have built a community like no other. It’s small and personal. You can be a lurker or engage. It’s up to you. Some of my ladies are lurkers. They don’t really post ever. Some post sometimes and some they’re in in the community every day. But no matter how they engage, as long as they’re lurking, they have success. Now,

you can go to join transform boss.com and see some of our client’s stories. These are real women just like you. I think they’re so brave. They share their stories and their before and after pictures. And let me tell you ladies, these are just some of our ladies. They had fear and doubt and did not think they could do it too. They had people tell them that they would never lose weight and why should they even try to lose weight?

But then they took a chance and they have become the hero of their story and change their life. I just get the privilege of being their teacher and coach. Transform boss is different. We are always looking for ways to up level. I’m always trying to over deliver to help our ladies. Three months ago, I had this idea, how can I help our members more?

So my team and I, we brainstorm, and what came out of it was the welcome book and the TBOs book. See, we do everything digitally so you can download everything online and all the things, right? But sometimes you just want a hard copy of some of the things. So we created these books as a bonus that we mail to you.

You get them as part of your membership, not some added fee. So in month one, you get your welcome book. It has all the worksheets in inspiration and tools you need to get started. And then in month two and every month, as long as you’re a member of Transform Boss, you get the TBOs book and it has monthly worksheets, fun stuff like recipes,

thoughts of the month and so on, Challenge and workshop, worksheets and inspiration. I mean, we take our members too. They are the Cover Girls, the cover models. Oh, yes. And I just wanna ask you, are you gonna be one of our cover models? Ugh, I’m telling you ladies, if you go to join transform boss.com,

you can see our November cover model. She’s absolutely gorgeous. This is how Transform Boss is always looking to make your journey easier and simpler. Now is your chance to get started. It is your chance to show up for yourself to be the hero of your story. I know that it’s difficult and I know that you have all the fear, but my love,

you can sit with your fear and do nothing, or you can sit with your fear and change your life. You get to decide. Go to join transform boss.com to get started today. We close on October 24th at 11:55 PM Pacific Time. I can’t wait to be your coach. Thank you for listening to this episode of Weight Loss for Successful Women. If you love what you heard today and wanna learn more,

come on over to bly coaching.com. That’s B F L Y coaching.com. See you next week.


EP #160: What Have You Given Up On In Your Weight Loss Journey

EP #160: What Have You Given Up On In Your Weight Loss Journey


How I used to be so tired of the diets and my struggle with my weight that I became indifferent to it. I had to learn that I matter, that I deserved more than a cupcake.

In this episode, I teach you 3 simple steps to start going after your goals, dreams and desires.

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Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to the Weight Loss for Successful Women Podcast with Shannon Christensen, episode number 160. Welcome to Weight Loss for Successful Women, a podcast for women who are ready to break the diet cycle and end their struggle with Wait for good. Here’s your host, Fortune 100 executive and certified life coach, Shannon Christensen. Hello, love. So happy to back with you.

Oh my gosh. 160 episodes. 160 weeks. I know, it’s amazing. Ladies. I know, I’m so excited. I barely can contain myself today. We are open. Transform Boss is Open. This is our last opening of the year, so if you have been waiting to get in, get in My Loves. I know. Transform Boss is so amazing.

I’m telling you ladies, I have been putting some things together and I’ve just been really looking at everything we offer in Transform Boss. And it is amazing. I’m so proud of the team and our coaches and our mentors and our challenge ambassadors. We just have the best team and all of our back end operations and support teams. I mean, I’m just so proud today.

That’s how I’m feeling. Have you ever just felt so proud? You’ve seen a journey that you’ve been on, You know you’re out there and you’re not always quite sure what you’re doing, and then it all kind of comes together and I feel like that is where we are right now. So we are open. We’re also in the middle of the finished strong challenge.

I love challenges. I really do just love them. I love watching ladies explore this idea that diets don’t work and there’s a different way. And I love introducing ladies to this work. The challenges always touch my heart because I see ladies and their struggle and all the things that we just go through and it’s just amazing, ladies, it can make me so emotional.

If you wanna join, go to join transform boss.com. You’ll get all the information there. We have a couple new videos on there too. So good. Love it. So today I wanna talk about what you may have given up on. I remember before I had lost my weight, I had gained some weight. You know, I was in that kind of period where,

you know, I had lost a lot of weight and then it was coming back on. You know what I’m talking about, right? And you start having all these feelings like, here I am again. I’m gaining weight and I just don’t wanna diet anymore. I just was so tired of dieting. You know what I’m talking about? I know you do.

If you’re a woman in this country or other countries, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Where you start feeling shameful because you’ve gained some of it back and worried that people are gonna start to notice that here you are again. Can’t figure it out. And I remember thinking I was just so tired of it, I just didn’t even wanna think about it anymore.

I was so tired of worrying about it. I was so tired of my weight. I was so tired of looking for the next diet. I was thinking about going back to Weight Watchers again. I had never really had success with them, you know, not long term, maybe a few pounds here or there, but I just was so frustrated and I just got to this place where I just was indifferent.

I just thought, I’m just gonna always struggle with it. It doesn’t matter. Anyway. Have you ever felt like that? I remember telling myself that I was getting older family genetics, that I was para menopausal at the time. You know, I had a husband who loved me. I had a career that it was fine, that I didn’t love my body,

that I didn’t always feel good. It was just fine. Have you ever felt this way? See, I just got so tired of it all, and I told myself I didn’t have the time that I was not gonna put one more dollar into diets and that I just had this thought that I couldn’t do it. I had this fear around it. I just didn’t wanna think about it anymore.

And I was eating all the things. I was eating all the things because I didn’t know what to do. And I was so confused about it all because I thought I’ve done all the diets, I did weight loss surgery, I did all the things, and here I was still overweight, still looking for the next diet, still thinking I had to exercise every day and do all the things and get a trainer and all right.

I was just in this state of indifference. I was just in this state of, I just didn’t care about it anymore. And what happened was I started not caring about meat, and I just did what I always did. I showed up for everyone else. I overworked, I put all my energy into all the other humans, and then at the end of the day would come home and eat my reesey peanut butter cups,

my peanut m and ms, and tell myself, this is what I deserved. You know, my loves. As I’m teaching new ladies this week, I see their struggles and it’s so interesting to me because as they tell their stories, I can see myself in their stories because we have so much fear around losing weight. Our bodies, you know, we’ve given up this idea that our bodies can feel good.

You know, we see pictures of ourselves and we’re just horrified, then beat ourselves up because we have these thoughts like, how could we let ourselves get this way? How can we be here again? But even if you’re getting to your goal weight, or even if you’re there, these thoughts of failure, the fear of failure, the fear of gaining it back,

it can lead to these thoughts of indifference and they still will come up. See, my loves, for many of us women, we have pushed our dreams and desires down. We stopped dreaming, we stopped desiring things for ourselves. We put all our hope into others, our kids, grandkids, family members, partners, and you know, we have hope for them.

We want the best for them. But somewhere along the way, we stop wanting it for ourselves. We have to be very careful because this thought, I’m too old. I’m too overweight, I’m too, fill in the blank. It just keeps us without hope for ourselves. See, we’ve quietly given up hope on our dreams and desires. When I decided to lose weight for the very last time and started to dream again,

I had to start to get some hope. I had to start to believe that things were possible for me. Now, all the things came up, all the fear. I mean, Lizzie, she just wants me to stay the same. You know that part of your brain, she’s always talking to you. She just wants you to stay the same.

But somewhere inside of you, there is this other part of you, this little girl who is just like, No, we want more. We want to play. We want to dream. We want to go out there and get it and just get it. We want to live this life that is meaningful. We want things for ourself. Now, Lizzie,

she still pipes up. I just now know how to talk to her. This is what I do in Transform Boss Weight Loss. I teach women how to start to have hope, how to start to have dreams and desire for themselves again, and how to talk to Lizzie. I have a lot of women around me cheering me on. I have support.

That is the foundation of Transform Boss, weight loss, it’s coaching course and community. See my loves. I know that you’ve done this by yourself. I tell you, I did it for so long. But you have to have support in this life, in your journey. You have to have women around you who know what you’re going through, who are cheering you on.

That my love. That is what helps us. That is what helps us start to have hope again, dreams and desires. We see other women doing amazing things, and then we want to do that too. You know, I read a lot of business business books and they say that you are the sum of the five people that you spend the most time with.

And I tell you ladies, that always stuck with me. I can’t remember who said it, someone you know, it was in one of the business books, and then I’ve heard it lots of times since. What it means is that when you’re around people who are farther along in the journey than you are, who can inspire you, who can show you the way,

then you level up. If you’re around people who are just struggling and, and you know in their own drama, then it can be difficult for you to know how to move forward. This is what I love about Transform Boss. You know, my ladies inspire me. They inspire me to be better, to show up better. They have tips and tools.

They try new things. You know, I have ladies who are starting businesses who are, I mean, just doing amazing stuff in this world. And I just tell you ladies, this support of a community of women, it is everything. My love. You were meant for more. You matter. You were meant for dreams and desires for yourself. Of course,

we have them for the other humans, but you have to make it on the list. So what to do? Number one, ask yourself, what is my biggest dream or desire for myself, my love for yourself? I know we have ’em for everyone else. That’s not what this question is. What is your biggest dream or desire for you? Number two,

what support do you need? How can you get a community of women who support you, who are non-judgmental, who inspire you to be better? Three, you gotta allow Lizzie to pipe up. We think she shouldn’t, but she is going to. She’s gonna tell you all the things, and you just have to talk to her and reassure her that you got her,

you got her, and that you know what to do. And if you’re ready to take this work deeper, then come join us. Go to join transform boss.com. We are open until Monday the 24th. I think it’s 1155 Pacific time. We close and we’re closing until March of 2023. Ladies, you know, at the end of every year, I just get into my bosses.

That’s what I do. We just, we just, I love ’em up, help ’em get through the holidays. We have so many fun things going on in Transform Boss. Over the next couple months, we have The Healing You Series where I’m teaching ladies how to heal the relationship with food and themselves. We just have so much fun stuff. We have a holiday block party in December that is gonna be amazing.

So come join us. Yeah, you got this, my love. You know what to do. All right, Right, my loves. Bye for now. Thank you for listening to this episode of Weight Loss for Successful Women. If you love what you heard today and wanna learn more, come on over to bly coaching.com. That’s B F L Y coaching.com.

See you next week.


Ep #159: How to Heal Your Relationship with Food for Long Term Success

Ep #159: How to Heal Your Relationship with Food for Long Term Success

Are you just tired of being on a diet or the diet roller coaster?

You will learn how to start the healing process, a must for long-term weight loss.

In this weeks episode you will learn how to start curating a different relationship with yourself and food.

You have to go through the healing process so you can get off the diet roller coaster for good.

You must learn how to heal your relationship with food.

Long term weight loss is an inside job –you must heal first before you can release the weight for good.

Featured on the Show:

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to the Weight Loss for Successful Women Podcast with Shannan Christensen, episode number 159. Welcome to Weight Loss for Successful Women, a podcast for women who are ready to break the diet cycle and end their struggle with weight for good. Here’s your host, Fortune 100 executive, and certified life coach, Shannan Christensen.

Hello love. So happy to be back with you. You know my love, when I was overweight, I kept thinking that a food plan and/or exercise plant was gonna help me lose weight, but it never did long term. I had to learn how to lose weight by healing my relationship with food and then myself. Today I’m gonna teach you my five-step healing process. Mm, So good.

My love, I am getting so excited. I know. One, it’s October and I love it. It is one of my favorite months of the year. I’m also getting excited because we are getting ready to open Transform Boss for the last time in 2022. You know ladies, this is what I do. If you’re new to me, I love to close the doors because my last couple months of the year I am working with my bosses.

I really double down, help them through the holidays. We are doing this amazing series called Healing You and we are doing some just powerful work. So this is our last opening until March 2023. The challenge Finish Strong, it starts on Monday the 17th. This challenge is super special. It is gonna be life and weight changing for so many women. So join us. We’ll put the link in the show notes, but it is bflycoaching.com/me. And mark your dates. October 18th, we open Transform Boss Weight Loss for the very last time in 2022. You can go to jointransformboss.com to learn more. I know my loves, I can’t wait.

So let’s get into it. Ooh, I love today’s episode. You know, I love them all, but today I really love. I love this work of healing. Healing is so powerful, cuz it helps you move into the next version of yourself. So diet culture, I know my loves, diet, culture, diet, trauma. I mean, we’ve all been through it. And this diet rollercoaster of thinking you have to restrict, thinking that you have to over exercise.

What it does long term is really keeps you in confusion. This is an important thing because if you look even at all the research papers and all the things, they’re every single one, if I find one that says I should eat this way, then I can find another one that completely contradicts it. And what that does is just keeps us in confusion. Like, what do I do? Low fat, high fat, plant based, keto, what do I do? And then when you’re confused, you do nothing. You just throw up your hands and you just are like, Oh, I don’t know what to do, so I’m just gonna just eat all the things and just disconnect.

Now I wanna show you exactly what to do. And this is what I do for my clients. We’re doing this special five-month series in Transform Boss, and it’s called Healing You. In Healing You, we go in depth every single month on the five-step process. I created this five-step process because it’s what I went through and what I’m watching my clients go through. And healing our relationships with food and with ourselves, it really is the only way to lose weight long term. If you wanna stay on the diet rollercoaster, my love, you know, just keep looking for the next diet. If you’re ready to start the healing process, to start doing this work, I know we love to tell ourselves how it’s difficult and hard, but being on the diet rollercoaster, I think it’s the hardest thing of all.

Living in a body that you don’t love, feeling your clothes being tight, fearing that if you lose the weight you’re just gonna gain it back. All the things, my love. These thoughts that just go on and on in our head. My love, that is hard. Healing, it is hard work, but it is the best work of your life. When I lost weight for the last time, when I started to have acceptance and love for my body, this was the healing process. And this is what I’m teaching my clients of Transform Boss.

So I wanna take you through my five steps of healing. Number one is awareness. Awareness is the first step in the healing process because you have to know where you’re at. You have to understand the thoughts and the beliefs of what you’re thinking, because what you think and what you believe produces a feeling. And then you do or don’t do something based on it. And another part of this process is some very powerful questions. For many of us, maybe you, I was on the diet rollercoaster for almost 38 years. I mean, it was deep beliefs, and I had a lot of thoughts around if I lose this weight, then I am going to lose relationships, myself, right? People aren’t gonna like me anymore. I’m gonna become this different person.

And so you have to be aware of what you think you will lose when you release the weight. You have to understand what you’re fearful of, what you currently sabotage, what your triggers are. So for example, for me, anytime I went under 200, that was a trigger for me. It’s a different weight for everyone, but as soon as I went under 200, I would sabotage my success. And so I had to understand and be aware of all of those thoughts and beliefs. When you come into awareness, you are being fully transparent with yourself. You are coming into this authenticity. You’re not lying to yourself, you’re not blaming, you’re not the victim. You are the hero. You are aware of exactly where you are today and the thoughts and beliefs that you’re thinking.

Number two, oh, it’s all about the feelings. Learning to feel emotion, learning how to process it instead of pushing it down with food. For so many years, I just pushed down my feelings with food or disconnection, or other ways I buffered, like shopping, Netflix. But emotions, they live in our body. So even though you’re pushing them down, they’re still there. And then they start to get trapped, and then we start sabotaging. We start feeling other emotions. We start beating ourselves up. We even can become physically ill and we don’t know why. We get headaches, our body aches, our neck aches, and all of this we think is something external.

So much of this are these emotions that are living in our body. The second part of the healing process is learning how to process and feel emotion. I tell you my love, when you, this is ugh everything. When you decide and learn how to process any emotion, you can feel anything, you become unstoppable. When you can feel shame, when you can feel uncomfortable, when you can feel deprivation, when you can feel anything and process it without taking negative action against yourself, it is the secret to the universe my love.

The third part of the healing process is deciding. This is a powerful step. It’s when you make a decision ahead of time. You find forgiveness and appreciation. You also will make big goals, but then chunk them into micro goals, smaller goals, so that you are taking baby steps. This part of deciding ahead of time. Why this is such a powerful step is because you’re using your thinking brain instead of your automatic, which holds all those old beliefs and old thoughts and old habits. And of course Lizzy. That part of your brain, right? When you’re deciding ahead of time, you’re using your thinking brain.

That’s the brain that knows your dreams and goals, my love. Anytime you can get into that part of your brain, so powerful. You wanna get into your optimal healing zone, This is where, again, you’re just using your thinking brain instead of your Lizzy or automatic brain.  So the third part of the process is deciding, again, making decisions ahead of time.

The fourth part of the process is remodeling. I think of remodeling, right? If you’ve ever gone through remodeling, it’s amazing and it’s painful and all the things right? It’s wonderful and exciting. You know, you’re rebuilding something. In weight loss and healing your relationship with food and yourself, you’re starting to rebuild your habits and your mindset. You’re starting to curate your new identity.

See my love, if you’ve been overweight for any period of time, you’ve created an overweight identity. You have deep beliefs about who you are, what you can do. And now in this remodeling process, you’re gonna create the next version of yourself. You are gonna decide on purpose who she is, what she is, and how she shows up for herself. Remodeling, oh, it’s such a beautiful part of the healing process.

And number five is recognition phase. In this phase of the healing process, you start to find acceptance of where you have been and where you are headed. You understand your fears and you’re no longer resisting them or staying in confusion. You start to celebrate who you are today because you know exactly how you show up, and you’re not anchored into some old version of yourself.

You celebrate your success. You’re more focused on celebration and where you are today than beating yourself up and living some old version of yourself. These five phases of the healing process are critical to healing your relationship with food. You must heal to release the weight for the last time. Now, if you wanna go through this work at a deeper level, you want the support and all the tools and the resources to do it, then join us in Transform Boss. Go to jointransformboss.com to learn more about when we’re open. Oh, this work is good, my love. All right my love. Bye for now.

Thank you for listening to this episode of Weight Loss for Successful Women. If you love what you heard today and want to learn more, come on over to bflycoaching.com. See you next week.


Ep #158: Showing Up for You During the Holidays

Ep #158: Showing Up for You During the Holidays

In today’s episode, you will discover:

How the holidays affect how you show up for yourself.  

How your to do lists are full of to dos for everyone else – yes, look at yours right now.

I had to learn how to show up for myself and it was not easy at first. I had a lot of thoughts that if I showed up for myself, then it would make my family upset.

But the opposite happened, I became a better wife, mother, daughter, and friend.

I have a technique I use to help me show up for myself and I am going to teach it to you in today’s show.

Featured on the Show:

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to the Weight Loss for a Successful Women Podcast with Shannan Christensen, episode number 158. Welcome to Weight Loss for Successful Women, a podcast for women who are ready to break the diet cycle and end their struggle with weight for good. Here’s your host, Fortune 100 executive, and certified life coach, Shannan Christensen.


Hello love. So happy to be back with you. We are in October. Woohoo. I love the fall. And today’s episode is important because we as women have a habit of getting lost in the holidays and putting everyone else before ourselves. You won’t wanna miss this as I teach you what to do so you don’t lose yourself over the next few months.


Ooh, my love. I am getting excited. The final challenge of the year, I know the final one, the last one myself and my team are gonna do, Finish Strong is open for registration. So you can go to bflycoaching.com/me, M-E.  I know, I love the challenges. They’re so fun. I love introducing ladies to this work, and in the challenge, it’s an immersive experience. It’s a week free with me so that you can really go a little deeper in this work. Oh my love. It is a powerful week. You don’t wanna miss it. And in this challenge, I’m gonna do something a little extra special and I’m gonna teach some concepts that I haven’t taught in the challenges. So you won’t wanna miss it.


All right my love. So let’s get into this show today. So holidays, here we are. Right? The end of the year. And I love the holidays. It is my favorite time of the year. But many years I felt like I was drowning during the holidays. I wanna take you back to this time where I was on the diet roller coaster. I didn’t have this work, and I was living in Utah, commuting to Phoenix, and also I was graduating with my Master’s. I was newer in my position where I was at the time.


And so, you know, I was trying to do all the things, all the fun holiday things. I remember making, I think I made like, and Paul helped me, thank goodness, I think I made like 1200 cookies or something. I’m not kidding. And put them in these cute little jars with these name tags. I mean loves. I was doing all the things, you know, and again, we were celebrating the holidays and my graduation in Phoenix, but I was trying to do things in Utah and then drove down to Phoenix to get everything there. It was just this constant go, go, go, go, go. And even though the holidays come, you know, our normal everyday lives don’t stop.


So I was just feeling so overwhelmed, so just drowning. And I was eating myself all the way through it. And when you do that, when I did that, it just makes you feel worse because then you’re beating yourself up. You’re, you know, tugging on your shirt cuz your clothes are tight. You don’t feel good. You look at yourself in the mirror and you’re just like, who is that? I don’t even recognize myself anymore. But you just keep going. You just keep pushing through. And you know, on top of it, there’s all this added pressure with social media, right? We look at Facebook, we see everyone’s cute house and all the cute projects they’re doing. And so you think, Oh, I need to do more. I need to be more.


And you know, my love, I felt, I, I remember that time and even though I was around people, I was feeling lonely because I was struggling. I did not like all the weight that I had gained. I didn’t feel good in my body. And so, but I couldn’t tell anyone that, because I had dieted for so long. I didn’t feel safe, you know, telling folks. Oh my gosh, right? It just was, I didn’t. There was like a couple people in my life that I could even talk to about it, but I mostly felt lonely. Has that ever happened to you where you just are so frustrated and you’re trying, because the holidays for most of us, right, are amazing. We love them. We love our traditions. We love the weather. We love the first snow, or if you’re the fall and the fall leaves, right? We love that. And at the same time, if we’re in this cycle of overeating, dieting, I gotta lose some weight. I’m going to holiday parties. I don’t know what to wear.


That’s just all of this whirlwind that’s just circling in your mind. You know, holidays are amazing and wonderful and they are tough. You know, I love this time of year, but I miss my mom. I do. You know, October is a rough month for me. It’s her birthday and I miss her so much. And you know, I wish she was here. And so, you know, she loved the holidays. Shout out Jerry. She did. She would call me, I’m not even kidding, 10 times a day, because she was planning and she loved it. And so this time of year, you know, I wish she was here with me. And I know for many of you, you have that loss or you’re going through loss or maybe it’s other things.


Maybe you’re missing your family. Maybe you’re not living near them. And so the holidays are just a bunch of feelings. They are my love. They are all the good and all the bad, positive and negative. I think it is the ying and yang of life. But just understanding that that’s what it is. So what do we do? When I was on the diet rollercoaster, I just would disconnect. I just let my automatic Lizzy brain just go into overdrive. And I showed up for all the other folks except for myself. See, I used to have this belief that if I showed up for myself, that my family would be upset, that I wouldn’t show up for them.


And so me spending 10, 15 minutes, a half an hour a day on myself, I was so exhausted it didn’t even feel like I could do it. And what happened is that when I was in that, you know, diet, roller coaster, diet thinking, that just overwhelmed, showing up for everyone but myself, I felt lost. I remember looking in the mirror, like, who, I don’t even know who you are anymore. Like what has happened, right? And I know you may be feeling the same way. We start telling ourselves, Hey, I’m gonna start in January. That is one of the biggest sabotaging thoughts you can have. When you put yourself off, when you tell yourself that you’ll start later, my love, if you keep putting yourself off, you’ll just keep putting yourself off.


And then 10 years from now, you’ll be like, holy moly, I just lost 10 years. And I tell you, it happens so fast, so fast. It will never be the right time. I know. It just never will be. Life is a whirlwind. It’s never perfect. There is no perfect time. Right now is the time to start showing up for yourself. I know the holidays are coming and your brain is gonna want to power down.


I think it’s something with like our DNA, like we wanna hibernate, we wanna power down for the winter. And you just have to be aware that now is the time. How do you want to think and feel January 2nd, 2023? Do you want to be looking for the next diet? And you put on another 10, 15 pounds over the holidays? What happens is January happens and then the same thing my love. Then life happens. And then you’re like, okay, in February, and then Oh Easter, and then you can just keep putting yourself off. So I just wanna challenge you that when that thought comes up to just say, Hey, we’re not gonna think that right now. I love to tell Lizzie, not today my love. We show up for ourselves.


So what to do. To start to show up for yourself, I wanna give you some of the tips that I use that really helped me with overwhelm, especially around the holidays and how I learned to show up for myself. So number one, decide and make a commitment. When we decide ahead of time, when we use our thinking brain and make a commitment, we have a higher success rate. It is true. It’s not that we won’t have challenges, It’s not that we won’t fail, right? But if we decide and we make a decision ahead of time, make a commitment, and then we follow through, we build resilience and trust again in ourselves.


This is really important. It has to be small baby steps, not all the things. Just small, one step forward. And I’m gonna give you some of the ways that I show up for myself and for the other humans. See my love, when you start to show up for yourself, you actually, this is the crazy thing about it, you actually show up better for the other humans in your life. I know, I used to tell myself that I’d feel guilty, I’d feel even shame around doing things for myself. But what I found is that as I started to increase the love, the trust in myself, when I started showing up for myself and I started feeling better, people around me got the benefit of that.


And so when you show up for yourself, your family benefits from it. I know.  When you stop people pleasing and you stop telling people and doing things that you don’t wanna do, and you start doing things that are meaningful, then you show up with your best self. I know my love, it’s counterintuitive to what we’ve been taught, what we’ve witnessed, but I know that this is true. So how do I do that?


So number two, every week I have a top three. I love this technique. It’s so good. And every week I just have a top three. I have a top three for what I wanna accomplish just for my family, for you know, all my work, whatever it is. And then I have my top three for me. And what I do is I have it on a week and then I put it into my daily top three. What am I gonna do for me today? I have one for me and one for all the other things I have to do. This way, my top three for me, it’s, I’m on the list, I’m on the list. My love. I know I talk a lot about showing up for yourself, and it is an and statement. It’s not an or. I don’t show up for me or the other humans, I show up for me and I show up for the other humans. And when you show up for yourself, it’s so much easier to show up for the others.


Mm, I know. I know your brain’s like what? It’s a true fact. So number two again, every week I have a top three and then I put it into my daily top three. I do my top three for what I wanna accomplish for the others and my top three for me. And I tell you my love, it feels so good because it’s simple things. When you’re making your top three, you don’t want this to be huge projects, you just want it to be simple actions, one step actions. So for example, if one of your things that you’re doing, let’s just say decorate the house for Christmas, my love, that is a project.


So your first step in that might be, you know, I’m going to decide on the day that we’re gonna decorate, I’m going to pull the stuff out of the basement or out of the attic. That’s a second one. The third one is, I’m gonna ask for help, right? There’s all these steps and that’s what makes up your top three. You don’t put projects in your top three. You put simple actions. I tell you my love, it’s life changing. In my daily top three. I put make my realistic plan, do my reflection work. If I’m going for a walk, my walk, you know, maybe it’s sleep, it just, every day it changes depending on what I want to make sure that I do. My top three is a commitment to myself that these are the three things that I’m going to accomplish today.


And then number three, when you accomplish your top three, ooh, feel proud. Feel so proud. You know my loves, we don’t celebrate our success enough, and this is part of learning how to celebrate your success. So let me recap those steps again. Number one, decide and make a commitment. Number two, every week have your top three for the others, and a top three for you. And number three, when you accomplish your top three, take a minute and allow yourself to feel proud. The time is now my love. Putting yourself off until January, when you have that thought, just challenge it. And if you want support, you wanna learn how to start the healing process and get off the diet rollercoaster for good, then join us in the Finish Strong challenge. It starts on October 17th. Go to bflycoaching.com/me.  Ooh my love.


Thank you for listening to this episode of Weight Loss for Successful Women. If you love what you heard today and wanna learn more, come on over to bflycoaching.com. See you next week.