Ep #208: Are Weekends Your Downfall?

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T-BOSS TAKE #38: Are Weekends Your Downfall?

Do you do good all week and then overeat on the weekends, sabotaging any success you have already had?

In this episode, I share why it happens and what to do.

In this episode…

≫[1:44] I had a routine during the week so staying on track was easier. I think this is normal.

≫[2:14] It’s important to understand and get curious about why you may be overeating.

≫[3:39] We have associated food with comfort. We get a dopamine hit from a lot of our favorite comfort foods.

≫[5:07] Weekends can be difficult because we start telling ourselves we deserve it.

≫[6:54] You have a busy schedule during the week, so you push your emotions down.

≫[6:50] This is for all my working ladies

≫[8:43] Get curious

≫[9:08] My take on weekends and weight-loss

≫[10:49] Creating a weekend routine

≫[12:37] Talking to yourself more than you listen

≫[13:01] Shannan’s tip for weekend success

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You are listening to the Weight Loss for Successful Women Podcast with Shannan Christiansen, episode number 208. Welcome to Weight Loss for Successful Women, a podcast for women who are ready to break the diet cycle and end their struggle with weight for good. Here’s your host, fortune 100 executive and certified life coach, Shannan Christiansen. Hello, love. So happy to be back with you.

I am so excited. We are in the middle of September and it is getting cooler in Arizona. I know. Finally, ladies, I went out and walked today to go get my coffee and lie. I was like, oh my gosh, I think it might only be 80 degrees. It was wonderful. So I hope wherever you’re at your weather is good and I want to ask that you subscribed.

So if you have not already subscribed or followed this podcast, please do so. You can do it on whatever your podcast app or on YouTube. You can just hit the follow button or hit the plus sign because I wanna make sure that every Wednesday I am in your podcast library or on your YouTube. And so today’s episode, let’s get into it, right?

Woo. I’m excited. So I was coaching a client. This client said to me, I do so good all week. I follow my plan, I do all the things. And then on the weekends I just can’t stop eating. I’ll make a plan and then I just eat all the things. And they were really struggling with it. And I remember,

you know, as I was losing my weight, I had the same struggle I worked during the week, the week I had a routine, right? I was, you know, it was just easier for me. So if this is you, I think this is normal. And you could substitute weekends for night eating too, right? So if you’re finding that every night you are,

you know, you do good all day, and then at night you’re overeating, they’re very interchangeable. Because what happens is, this is just part of what I like to call habit eating. And if this happens to you, this is important. It’s important to understand when, and then also to get curious about why you may be overeating. And I remember when I was losing my weight during the week,

just felt easier. It did. That was the thought. That’s what I thought. I thought it’s just easier. I have a routine, I’m more busy. And then Friday night would come and I was tired. My brain was like, okay, we’re gonna rest, right? And so then I would tell myself, okay, I deserve it. I tell myself a few things that I deserve it.

’cause I had been good all week. And I also would tell myself, well, I’ll just get back on track on Monday. Yeah, on Monday, right? Maybe on Friday night I’d be like, okay, we’re gonna just, you know, have some more food. I not pay attention to my fullness and hunger. And then I would just start to give myself a way out.

I would say, okay, Monday you’ll just get back on track. And you know, I think struggling on weekends is just very normal because of a few reasons. So we view weekends for most of us. Now, this is not all of you, but for most of us, we view it as relaxation, fun, maybe rest, maybe you work all week.

And ah, the weekend, and this goes back to, you know, when we were kids and we couldn’t wait to get outta school and we couldn’t wait for the weekends. And so relaxation and overeating really go hand in hand. You know, this is really because we’ve associated ready food with comfort. We do get a dopamine hit from a lot of our favorite comfort foods.

And so this dopamine, we get this little boost of happiness. And so we start to over time, tie food and comfort together. And then we make another association when it comes to the weekends and relaxation and resting and fun too. I think, you know, for so many years, the week was about work and the weekends were fun and rest.

And the week was very structured. Go to work, do the things, all the chores, make the dinners, ladies, you know, and then the weekends were like, Ooh, I need a break. And not that I didn’t, you know, do things during the weekend, like work and different things, but I really had this thought maybe even if it wasn’t true,

even if I had a busy weekend, I had this thought that weekends were a time for rest and fun, you know, I think also on weekends, another reason is because there’s a lot of social activities, right? And so family events, going out to dinner, movies, whatever it is, lots of things happen. We save them for the weekend.

We, it is just normal. It’s part of what we do. We’re just packing all our fun into the weekend. Another reason is our thinking. And another reason why weekends can be difficult is because we started to tell ourselves that we deserve it. We deserve it. I deserve it. You deserve it is one of, it’s a very sabotaging thought when it comes to yourself and your weight loss journey.

Because food and deserving of a food, deserving of a treat, my love, when food is the best things in our lives, it is really good for us to get curious about that. Because I remember thinking this myself, like I couldn’t wait for the cupcake, or I couldn’t wait for the thing. And what I did through my weight loss journey was starting to create a life that was fun and exciting and had,

you know, also boring and all the other things. But I started to learn that I deserved more than a cupcake. I deserved to live in a body that felt like freedom. I deserved to feel good about myself. I deserved love. I deserve so much more than this object of food. And so this thought, I’ve been good and I deserve it.

It’s a way that we make ourselves small. It’s a way that we take away all the things that we really do deserve. You know, I think about this with women, and I just think that we’re just taught to be small and we’re taught to like, here’s what you deserve. It’s a cupcake. And I just think you deserve so much more.

You deserve a life that you love and a body that you love. And you know, I think about weekends too. Another reason is because you may throughout the week, because maybe you have a busy schedule during the week. This is for all my working ladies. You have a busy schedule during the week, you’re doing all the things. And so you push your emotions down,

you just push ’em down. You just push ’em down, push ’em down. And so on the weekends you have a little more time to think. Maybe you have a little more time to feel emotions, because again, you have that routine during the week. On the weekends, you have a little more time maybe to think and feel. I think about this because during the week,

so busy jobs, all the things family, right? I think about this when I was battling with my weight and just, you know, on the diet rollercoaster. And the week was just like one to do after the next, to do after the next to do. And then on the weekends it was like, oh, I’m just gonna sit on the couch and like watch a movie.

You know, I just, I wanted that time. And what happened is, while I’m watching the movie or I’m, you know, sitting on the, the back porch or whatever it was, I would start to think, and I would start to think about what happened during the week. And I would start to future puddle, and I would start to think about what could happen the next week.

My brain would already be like, oh, you have so much to do. And so what happened is I would start to feel negative emotion, and then I would overeat because I didn’t wanna feel the negative emotion. So I would stuff my emotions down with food. So it could be any one of those reasons that I just described that weekends can feel more difficult.

And you know, it could be that you just have more food at home, you have less structure. Maybe you’re mindlessly grazing throughout the weekends, or you’re snacking more. Or maybe that’s when you go out to eat, you know, go out to dinner more. And so you know, when you go to a restaurant, maybe you’ve made the attachment that that’s special,

that that’s a treat. And so then you eat more there. What is so important, my love as you are learning this process, is that you just get curious. You just get curious about the why. Like why are weekends difficult? What reason am I overeating on the weekends? Why do I have this thinking around that? It’s hard and it’s difficult and I sabotage because you can do something different.

And so I wanna give you my take on it and what to do. So the first thing as I started even in this journey was I had to start to first get curious about why was I overeating on the weekends. For me, it was the weeks were busy, they were exhausting. And then the weekends I had tied comfort, rest, family,

and fun. That’s what I thought weekends were. And so I had to start to understand why. And then number two, I went to three simple steps. And I talked about these in episode 2 0 7, so you can go back and listen to it. One, I just started to leave a bite. I started to leave a bite on my plate.

I started to make a plan. I started to think about what I wanted to fuel my body. So on the weekends, I would make a plan, okay, this is what how I wanna fuel my body. I’m going out to dinner here, this is what I’m going to eat. I call it the realistic plan. And again, you can hear more about that.

We’ll put some episodes in the show notes for you so you have it. But I would make a plan of what I wanted to eat, not restrict, not restrictive, not diet plan. Just so I could think about, okay, this weekend this is what I’m gonna do. And three on my weekends, I started to hydrate. So those are the three simple steps.

Leave a bite, I made a plan and I started to hydrate myself. I started to drink a little more water, you know, because I found that during the week I actually drank more water and was more hydrated on the weekend. ’cause again, I was out of my routine. I would just be like, oh my gosh, I haven’t drank that much today.

And so I had to create what I like to call, which is the third thing is a routine. My weekend routine. See, we have this thought that the weeks during the week, so if this is your reason why you overeat on the weekends is during the week I had a lot of structure. I had lots of things that I was doing.

So I had my routine. So then I just created my weekend routine. My weekend routine became, it’s interesting because my weekend routine started to look very similar with my routine that I did during the week. And what I mean by that is how I cared for myself. So even though I didn’t go to work on the weekends, mostly I still created a self-care routine for myself.

The next step is just again, starting to goes back to number one. This is number five, I think is getting curious on, I will start on Monday thinking, ladies, this, I will start tomorrow. I will start on Monday. It gives you an excuse in the moment, your lizard brain, your very impulsive part of your brain to just give yourself,

you know, a reason to overeat, a reason not to show up for yourself, a reason not to care for yourself. And so anytime that I think I’m going to do this on Monday, I’ll start over. I know that I am just giving myself a reason not to show up for myself again. It’s just to get curious about it. And then I can tell myself the truth.

I love talking to myself more than I listen. And so when my brain offers up, Hey, we’re just gonna start again on Monday, I just say, we’re gonna take the next best section today, right now. Doesn’t matter what I’ve done in the past, I’m just going to make the next best decision to care for myself. And the last on what to do is ask yourself.

So on Friday, I like to do this on Friday mornings. Actually, I don’t wait till Friday night, Friday night again, because for so long Friday nights were like, eat all the things, I’m exhausted. So I love to do this On Friday mornings. I just ask myself, how do I wanna feel on Monday? How do I wanna feel about myself?

How do I want to show myself that I’m committed to myself throughout the weekend? And then I ask myself, what would I need to do to get that feeling? So how do I wanna feel on Monday? How do you wanna feel on Monday? And what would you need to do to get that feeling? Ooh, it’s so good. It’s normal,

I think, to over eat on weekends. I think lots of folks to do. And you know, we’ve learned that weekends are fun and amazing and is where we get our rest. And I think it’s just given us this like out, this reason not to show up for ourselves. And even if it’s not aligned to our future goals and dreams. But you can start to eat on plan.

You can start to show up for yourself. You can create a weekend routine. And I wanna leave you with one last thought you can create throughout your week, an amazing life. Not just on weekends, not just on vacations. You can create every single day, moments of joy, moments of fun, moments of happiness. And when I started to,

you know, incorporate those into my daily life, I found that I started to show up for myself more. And I started to find that I started getting the results that I wanted in my own life. So if you wanna take this work deeper, go to jointransformboss.com and you can learn more. All the good things. You know,

I’m a coach, that’s what I do. And I help women lose weight for the last time by learning how to change the way that they think, how they feel, and then ultimately what they do or don’t do by doing something different. Know diets here my love. Talk to you next week. Bye for now. Thank you for listening to this episode of Weight Loss for Successful Women.

If you love what you heard today and wanna learn more, come on over to bflycoaching.com. That’s BFLYcoaching.com. See you next week.


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