Ep #213: Making This Holiday Season Different

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The holidays are quickly approaching.

They are full of busyness and sometimes we power down.

We start having the conversation with ourselves that we will just wait until next year.

In today’s episode, I discuss the reasons why the holiday season can be harder and I give you tips and tools to help you not give up on yourself.

In this episode…

≫[1:40] It’s important to learn how to still care and show up for yourself during the holidays.

≫[4:52] We have made the association in our brains that rest equals comfort equals food.

≫[6:14] My take on what to do.

≫[6:49] Put some space between feeling a negative emotion and doing something.

≫[8:19] What makes me joyful? Leave the comparison of what everyone else is doing.

≫[9:11] You are worth showing up for yourself and caring for yourself.

≫[10:05] Do something simple every day.

≫[10:16] Show yourself some kindness and love.

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You are listening to the Weight Loss for Successful Women Podcast with Shannan Christiansen, episode number 213. Welcome to Weight Loss for Successful Women, a podcast for women who are ready to break the diet cycle and end their struggle with weight for good. Here’s your host, fortune 100 executive and certified life coach, Shannan Christiansen. Hello. So excited. We just welcomed in a whole group of new ladies,

Transform Boss is closed for open enrollment. And I tell you, I get so excited about new women coming in and learning this work and showing up for themselves. I love it. I love all my clients. I love all of them actually. I really do. I just want their success. Ugh. I just want it. So here we go,

ladies. I know we’re getting ready to head into November. You know, it’s October and we’re starting to, I like to call it power down. You know, what happens at the end of the year? It’s like, ugh, like it’s been a year, right? And we start like, we just wanna like hibernate, I think. And then we also,

right, have the holidays and it starts to get busy. And food and traditions, it’s like, it’s calling your name and it may feel like, oh, here I go again. Here comes the extra 10 pounds, the busyness, the all the things. I’ll wait until the new year, right? We start having this conversation, like, I’ll just wait till the new year.

I really find that these, you, you got two months, you got, you know, 75 days, right? Something like that. Like, yeah, let’s go, let’s finish strong. It’s important to learn how to still care and show up for yourself during the holidays, because the holidays are just really, and what I mean by they’re no different,

every month has its challenges and amazingness and goodness. And if you give up now, I want you to hear this. If you give up now on yourself, you will give up in the new year, right? Because you’re creating this habit of giving yourself an excuse to quit on yourself. And I wanna talk about the holidays and why sometimes they can feel harder.

And I think the first part really is like emotional eating and the holiday season. You know, it can bring up a lot of emotion, right? I think about this every year because I lost my mom and I just miss her. So during the holidays, I do, I miss her so much. I wish she was here. Holidays were a big deal to my mom,

and she made them special for all of us. And ugh, I mean, ugh, ladies, I just, I feel the loss and grief of her every holiday season. And then also, maybe it’s, you know, the loss of relationships in your life, or maybe you think your life should be different and have other relationships that you may not have.

And so you’re feeling, you know, pain from that. And then also, maybe it’s just the stress of trying to make everything perfect. You’re trying to do all the things for all the humans. Maybe you have some, some financial stress, right? So like, because you’re trying to do all the things and buy the perfect gifts and all the things,

and you’re just feeling like so many different emotions. And so the thing, if you’re listening to this podcast, I would think you probably are like me. And, you know, I needed food for comfort, and it was my comfort. It was the way I copd. And so when I was feeling a lot of emotions, I would numb myself with food.

And so holidays can bring all of that out. Now, the second reason I think the holidays is that for many of you in the country, it’s winter and winter’s coming, and it gets darker earlier, even here in Arizona. And it, it’s a little bit of hibernation, right? Maybe during the summer you were busy and you were out, and you were walking,

and you’re like, Ooh, doing yard work, feeling great, gardening, all the things, and then here’s the winter cold. It’s, you know, a little darker. It’s, you know, the sun’s gone. You know, it’s snow, snow storms where, you know. And so you start to give yourself reasons why, oh, I need comfort.

I know back to that comfort. I need comfort. And comfort to me is food and a big warm blanket. Now, I love a big warm blanket, ladies, I love food too. But this is like, just the way that we just kind of like ease ourselves out of like allowing ourselves to show up for ourselves. The third is burnout.

This is for all my ladies who have just ran themselves ragged. Or maybe you just had a year this year, right? I’m talking to you. If you just, this is the year you just like Shannan. Whew. Maybe it’s been a couple years and you’re just, your body is just like shutting down. It’s like, ah, I need rest.

I need comfort. I just, you know, right? And so then again, back to that like association that we have made in our brain of rest equals comfort equals food. Usually it’s food that maybe doesn’t even make us feel that good when we’re burnt out, when, you know, we’re just feeling, we’re just living in that automatic and that primitive brain.

This is important to know, because when you’re living in that brain, and we all have, I mean, I don’t want you to judge yourself for this. This is important. Don’t beat yourself up. Just know, like sometimes I think most of us have gotten to this point. I know I have. I always think back to this holiday season.

I, I, I can’t remember the year, but maybe it was like 2013, I guess. I think that was the year, 2013 maybe, or 2012. I can’t remember one of those two. And I was finishing my master’s degree, and I was doing all this stuff for my work, and I was taking care of a family, commuting back and forth from Utah to Phoenix.

I mean, just all the things, ladies. And I remember feeling so burnt out. I mean, just, so I was just going through the motions. I was eating all the things too. You know, I just felt like I was just looking for any way to rest. And I wasn’t feeding my soul. I wasn’t taking care of myself.

And I really was just so burnt out. So here’s my take on what to do. Number one, allow yourself to feel the emotions, right? Allow yourself, you know, ladies, we’ve all been on our knees. You know what I’m talking about, right? Where we’re just like, something horrible’s happened, or, you know, you’re in the process of something,

right? Just really life changing, devastating, and you felt that emotion. And so I always say to myself, you don’t need to be scared of it. We’ve already felt the worst emotion. We’ve already felt the one that brought you to the floor. So I, I handled it then, and I can handle it now. And then put some space between feeling a negative emotion and doing something.

So I allow myself to just go into my body and ask myself questions and breathe and feel the negative emotion. And then I like to take some space between that and actually doing something. So my example is when I’m feeling sadness about my mom, I allow myself to feel sad. I allow myself to cry, and then I breathe and put some space between me and like doing something like me and going to the pantry,

me and doing something that would have a negative effect on what I want to do, right? And so allow yourself to just put some space. And how you do that is take a breath, right? I like to like, sometimes too, like if it’s really like a very urgent thought, like it feels intrusive, like you’ve gotta go eat, or you’ve gotta get,

get to the refrigerator, you gotta order that thing on DoorDash or whatever it is. I like to just like get up and like walk around my house, or like go do something that is different from where the spot where I was started to feel that emotion so I can allow myself to process it. That’s number one. Two, then I just get up.

And that just like disrupts that thought for me. Number two, let go of having the perfect holiday. I like going this so long ago, actually, because ugh, I just needed to, it was just, oh my goodness. You know, I was never, it was just like so much pressure. I really just had to ask myself, what makes me happy?

What makes me joyful? And then leave the comparison of what everyone else is doing. It doesn’t matter. Great. You wanna put up 2200 lights? Go do it. If that makes you joyful and happy, great. But for me, it doesn’t. I mean, I like a little strand of lights, but I again, choose what makes me happy and joyful.

And it’s never strand of lights. It’s always being with my family, am loving on my grand babies, loving on Paul, right? Just like that is what makes me happy. Loving up on my ladies. Oh my gosh, I love them, right? That’s what makes me happy. That’s where I find the joy. So the perfect holiday, it doesn’t exist.

Number three, show up for yourself. Care for you. You are worth it. You are worth it, my love. I know. Did you need me to tell you that today? I know. Did you need to hear it? You are worth it. You are worth showing up for yourself and caring for yourself, and simple, easy, doable things.

Number four, which leads me right into it. Do something simple every day. Just something simple, right? Maybe it’s like, oh, I’m gonna drink a little water today. Maybe it’s like, oh, I’m gonna take a walk. Maybe it’s, you know, I’m gonna make a plan. I’m gonna take a breath. Maybe I’m just gonna tell myself today.

Got you, I got you my love. Maybe it’s that. Maybe it’s just something simple. And again, I teach lots of different basics. Three of them. You know, if you’re one of my Transform ladies, you know, you know what to do, just pick one, right? If you’re new to me, you can go and listen to,

I think the easiest podcast. I think it’s 2 0 6, 2 0 7 maybe. I don’t know. We’ll put in the show notes. I can’t remember right now. But it’s three simple steps To get started, just pick one. Just pick one. And then just again, something simple every day. Most days, maybe there’s a day you don’t, don’t beat yourself up.

Just take the next best action. And number five, which I think is the most important of all, just give yourself, show yourself some kindness and love, just like you would for anyone else. Just some kindness and love during this holiday season. Hmm, it’s good. All right, my love. Bye for now. Thank you for listening to this episode of Weight Loss for Successful Women.

If you love what you heard today and wanna learn more, come on over to bflycoaching.com. That’s bflycoaching.com. See you next week.

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