Ep #227: Find Your Voice in Weight Loss

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Episode #227: Find Your Voice in Weight Loss

Diet culture is deep.

We have been inundated with the noise from it for so long and it’s everywhere.

It’s on your ads in social media, you hear it in TV shows and by characters and how they look.

We have been socialized on how we should look, what we should think, what we should believe, and what we should do.

Diet culture lacks personalization.

All of the fixes require something external.

It isn’t about changing your internal beliefs and thoughts. It isn’t about reconnecting to your physical hunger.

External things can never solve an internal problem.

I want freedom in your mind. Freedom where you start to notice you don’t think about all the noise and how to tune it out.

In today’s episode of the podcast, I am going to teach you how to find your voice in all this noise.

In this episode…

≫[1:44] Everything you do today is either a gift for your future self or a barrier for your future self.

≫[4:21] All of this noise creates misinformation.

≫[5:13] You can manipulate data however you want.

≫[5:39] People think that it’s impossible to lose weight. That it’s this thing out there that’s not in your control and you need whatever the new quick fix is.

≫[6:34] External things can never solve an internal problem.

≫[6:50] If the mental work isn’t done, you will lose the weight and it still will never be enough.

≫[12:57] How to find your voice in all this noise.

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You are listening to the Weight Loss for Successful Women Podcast with Shannan Christiansen, episode number 227. Welcome to Weight Loss for Successful Women, a podcast for women who are ready to break the diet cycle and end their struggle with weight for good. Here’s your host, fortune 100 executive and certified life coach, Shannan Christiansen. Hello, love. Ah, so happy to be back with you.

So glad you’re here and listening. And here we are. It’s the end of January. I think it’s gonna be 80 degrees tomorrow. I don’t know, something crazy. I know we’re having a heat wave. I know. Wherever you are, I, I see we’re having a little bit of a heat wave in the country, so that’s not bad.

Right? I know we’re coming across the end of January, the end of January. The next January will actually be 2025. I know. A quarter of the way through the century. I know. That’s how time goes ladies. This is why you gotta do it today. You gotta do it now. Yeah, I know. We keep pushing ourselves off over and over and over,

like we’ll do the thing later. We’ll, you know, but you know the time’s now. I know I’m gonna do a podcast on that time. I know. ’cause we think, I’m just gotta say it. We live so much in today and these moments and what’s around us and you know, we get bogged down in the puddle in the worry.

And one of the things I’ve been doing with Transform Boss and all my ladies who are part of Transform Boss is this whole concept around creating your a hundred year life. Because everything you do today is either a gift for your future self or a barrier for your future self. And you decide every day, I think back to my life and there were many barriers that I created in my life for myself,

you know, weight being one of them. And then there were many, many gifts too. I think about when I did, started to do this work and I started to get coached when I met my husband, when I got my education. Like all those were gifts for me today. And today I get to take advantage of it and love this life that I live.

So. Hmm. It’s good. Right? Let’s do the thing ladies. So today’s all about finding your voice in all the noise of diet culture. You know, diet culture is deep. I mean it’s a, I just read this thing that one of the new like weight loss drugs, $600 billion I think it said. I was like, what? Yeah,

I mean, you know ladies, the diet culture, the diet industry, I mean it is deep. We have been inundated with the noise from it for so long and it’s everywhere. Everywhere you look on your ads and social media, you hear it in TV shows and by characters and how they look. And there’s just all of this socialization to what we should look like,

what we should think, what we should believe, what we should do. And I tell you, I read this all the time, I love to like see an article that has like a very like salacious headline. Like, you know, you could never lose weight because of your set point. And then I like to go look at the research behind it.

And so many times it’s like one tiny research study with a few people and it’s not even, you know, there’s just so many holes in it. And I just watched a, a Netflix show recently, same thing, you know, 20 people through four months. I can’t remember all the details, but I was like, this is not good research,

but we believe it. And there’s so many of these salacious headlines that just drag you in. And then what happens is it’s noise. You know, you start to feel confused and you start to feel like, well, should I, should I not, what should I do? Should you know keto? And I mean ketos everywhere. And I mean,

I buy things now that I’ve always bought and suddenly I’m like, oh my gosh, ketos the label. Because you know, it’s the new thing. It’s the new like, oh, everybody, you know, wants this. And I say this because all of this noise creates, I think misinformation. Like think about your life, like right now, like all the diets and all the things we’ve been told.

I mean ladies, I have been told so much stuff even about menopause. I’m postmenopausal now. And I tell you, there was so much misinformation about it. And I say this because all of these fads, diets, all this information, these research studies that are just bad data. Look ladies, I mean I don’t share this often, but I have taken lots of statistical courses.

I use it in my daily life. And I tell you right now, you can manipulate data. Like they used to have a joke when I was getting my MBA. That statistics is like not the truth. Like really. ’cause you can manipulate data however you want. And I say this because there is amazing research studies and there are great research out there.

There is, but there is also not. And I think it’s very difficult to tell the difference between the two. All of this just makes, you know, I think it just makes people, folks, women, men, whoever it is, just think that it’s impossible to lose weight, really. That it’s just impossible. That it’s just this thing out there that’s not in your control and you need whatever the new quick fix is.

And you know, also with all of this noise, diet, culture, noise, it’s a lack of personalization too. And I found this, you know, when all the diets that I tried, it wasn’t really personalized to me. And it was always external. It wasn’t anything internal, right? So it was like, go follow this food plan.

Go do this, go take this pill, whatever it was, I mean, mil many different things. But it wasn’t about changing my internal beliefs and thoughts. It wasn’t about reconnecting to my hunger, my physical hunger, and differentiating it between my physical and my emotional hunger. It wasn’t anything about that. It was like these external things that can never solve an internal problem.

I know this to be true. Like in my heart of hearts, all the new things out there, you can try them, you can, you can do all the things you’re, you can do whatever you want. And if the mental work isn’t done, you will lose the weight or you will be frustrated or whatever it is. And it still will never be enough.

It’s still your body. You’ll look in the mirror and you’ll have loose skin and you’ll, you know, be upset. You’ll, you know, be thinking about food all the time and creating concoctions of all these different things that are out there, you know, with cottage cheese and bananas. Pretty much. And, and I say this to you because again,

some of it, again, it’s fine. Do what you want, but know that the internal problem will not be solved with an external solution. We carry weight because mostly we learned how to cope and to comfort ourselves with food. And even if you choose something different, if you don’t learn how, and they see this with bariatric patients all the time.

They go and they lose weight, but then suddenly they like have other addiction problems because again, it’s an internal problem. Brain thoughts, thinking, beliefs. And it needs something different than an external solution. And so I’m just gonna keep saying it over and over again because I want this for every woman. I want freedom in your mind, freedom where you start to notice that you don’t think about all the noise,

that you know how to tune it out. There’s always gonna be noise, you’re always gonna have old limiting beliefs and all the things. But once you start to have these tools that I teach, you start to learn how to quiet the noise. You learn how to, you know, find different things in your life, find joy and real happiness again,

you know, there is too, with diet, culture and all the noise and overemphasis on appearance. I mean, ladies, ugh, I see this so much and it makes me sad. Really. We have such a thing about the way we look and look, I think women are beautiful. I think we’re art. I was thinking about this the other day ’cause I was like,

why? Why do we wear makeup? You know, I was really like thinking and I was like, oh, because we’re like art. We’re like these beautiful, you know, our bodies and our curves and all the things about us, our souls, our nurturing, I mean all this, these beautiful things about women, our physical appearance, all the varieties,

all the things are amazing. And we have just forgot, like we’ve just lost ourselves. And this like expectation of a certain look, a certain body type, a certain this, a certain that. And it changes every decade. Every decade it’s a little different. Every decade. It’s like a new face of what we should look like. And I’m just saying like,

let’s just lose all that. Let’s just let all that go. You are uniquely beautiful. Your body is beautiful just today, not when you lose five pounds or 10 pounds or a hundred pounds. Like today, your curves, your beautiful body. I know this to be true. And all of my being like, you don’t need to look like someone else.

You don’t need to fix anything because you are unique. And it just leads us to poor self-esteem, feeling like we’re broken, that something’s wrong, that we’re not enough. And it’s just like this like cycle. It’s this cycle of this noise over and over and over. And then we start to age. And then, you know, I watched this reel,

actually, team was like, can I share this? I was like, you can share this on our page, because it, I can’t remember right now who it was from, but it, it had like a 20-year-old. And she was like, you know, I don’t like my body. And then a 40-year-old was like, oh, I wish I had my 20-year-old body.

And then like a 50 or 70-year-old, like, oh, I wish I had my 50-year-old body. I mean, when is it enough? When, when, when is it enough? And you know, this like diet noise, this like culture, the body, all the noise. It’s just noise. And when you start to see it as such,

when you start to realize that, how to start to think differently, feel differently, do differently, how to feel better, how to think better, oh, it’s the best, is starting to find your own voice. I think your own voice in this is important. You know, ladies, for so long, many of us, we just, you know,

I mean, I was the oldest I wanted to please. I think most women, many women, I don’t wanna say most, I’ll say many, many women are people pleasers who have learned to do all the things for other humans. You know, it’s just the thing, right? And I think it comes from we’re nurturers. We, you know,

want to take care. It’s like in us, right? And so I think over time we’ve just kind of been a little bit taken advantage of in that way. And so, you know, using our voice to say what we want to say, what we think, right? That can be difficult. I see this, trust me, I, I work with coach and know many women and I can tell you that this is a problem that we have.

And so finding your voice is not like this. I’ve gotta go out and like rah to everyone. It’s not that for me. It’s not. And this is how I wanna teach it. It is starting to understand what you want, what you think, what you believe. It’s starting to reconnect with your body, understanding what it needs. And it ultimately is this acceptance of yourself.

Ugh. It’s so powerful. And so all this noise, how you kind of woo-hoo, find your voice in all this noise. Number one is starting to listen to your body, starting to figure out what it needs, how to care for it. I tell you, your body is a miracle. Your body miracle. It can do miraculous things. It is like,

like so programmed to know all the things it needs, how to like trigger you to go get the things it needs. All the things, I mean all the things. And so starting to listen to your body. Your body knows what to do. Number two, heal the internal beliefs that you have about you and your body. And I think for me,

how I did it was through coaching and Transform Boss, we do coaching in several different ways. I teach women how to self-coach, right? ’cause I think that’s important. We have group coaching so ladies can be coached. We even have small group coaching and even private one-to-one coaching. Because I think coaching is a way that a coach can help you start to see what are the things that you believe,

what is the noise? So that you can start to heal and start to talk differently to yourself and so that you can start to believe something different. And then number three, personalize it to you and what you need and what you want. When ladies first come to me, I always say, ’cause they wanna know like, go away, whatever. What is it?

Shannan? What? What do you recommend? You know, I’m like, you are gonna figure that out because your natural weight is very personal. There are ladies who as they’ve done this process, they feel better in their bodies. This is about how they feel in their bodies, not a number on the scale. That’s one. And they start to realize that this number that you know they’ve been going after is not even a number.

That they feel good in their body. I remember when I first started, and I actually weigh less than I do now. Like when I started this coaching process and then I got down to a certain weight and I didn’t, I didn’t like it. I like a little more, you know, I call it juice. I like a little more juice.

I like a little curves. That’s what I like. You get to decide what you like, what’s important to you. That I have ladies who are at a weight that they like, and then I have ladies who like a little more juice, some like a little less. It just depends. And you get to decide, you know, I think we’re so fearful of others’ judgments.

I love the work of whenever I’m judging someone else or whenever I feel like I’m being judged, it’s because I am judging myself. I am not accepting myself. And the work is starting to accept yourself as you are today. You can’t just like lose weight and then, oh, then I’ll do this work. It doesn’t work. I’ve seen it. It doesn’t work.

This mental like learning how to change what you internally believe, what these thoughts and these things that have just, you know, my love, your brain, the puddle, all the things starting to think differently to me is everything in this journey. Ladies always are like, I wanna lose weight. I wanna get off the diet rollercoaster. I wanna do it for the last time.

Well, all right, let’s get to work. Let’s go. Number four, get support from coaching. I know I talked about this, but I am hands down. Coaching has changed my life. Coaching will help in the development of your own voice and deciding what you want to believe, what you want to do, what feels good to you. And it’s this process of healing.

Healing expectations, the outside world, all the noise, there’s so much noise and it’s just quieting it. You have a voice inside of you, it’s there. Your voice, it’s there. She’s there and she’s waiting for you. I want to show you this really cute picture. So if you’re watching on YouTube, if you’re listening to the podcast, you have to go over to YouTube.

But I keep this picture, this is of me. When I was a little girl. I mean, she is so cute. I was holding my brother at the time and she has been there always. And I fight for her. And I have learned, you know, I think when I was little, I had a voice. And then over time I started to lose it.

And I have found it again because your voice, she’s there. She’s been inside of you guiding you, and now you just have to listen to her. You have to fight through the noise of all the outside world. And if you want help in this, I can help you go. There’s a couple things. One, follow this podcast every week,

new episode in your podcast library. Two, get on my email list. That way you never miss anything. And you get a weekly email from me. Go to bflycoaching.com/email, and then three, take my three day reset. This is a course that just is the simple beginnings of how to get off the diet roller coaster for good. I know.

It’s so good, right? I know. And Transform Boss, we’re opening. I know. I’m gonna announce it next week actually. We’re opening soon. We’ve been closed since October and we’re getting ready to open and I hope that you come join us. I know. Ooh, it’s good. I know. Mark it on your calendars. I know it’s coming.

I’m not announcing it today. You have to listen next week. All right, my love. Bye for now. Thank you for listening to this episode of Weight Loss for Successful Women. If you love what you heard today and wanna learn more, come on over to bflycoaching.com. That’s bflycoaching.com. See you next week.


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