Ep #239: The Hardest Part of Weight Loss & Big Announcement

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Episode #239: The Hardest Part of Weight Loss & Big Announcement

Where are you with weight loss?

Are you still searching the internet for the magical pill or solution?

When you’re trying to lose weight, there is a lot of noise.

“You should do this, you should do that. You shouldn’t do this and you shouldn’t do that.”

The noise is always there in the back of your mind along with worry, shame, and guilt.

This noise, this mental weight is the hardest part of the journey.

If you want to quiet the noise and lose the mental weight, come join us in Transform Boss.

In this episode…

≫[1:14] Where are you with weight loss?

≫[3:16] The human experience is full of an arrange of emotions and experiences. Not all of them are good and not all of them are bad.

≫[3:27] When you’re trying to lose weight, there is a lot of noise.

≫[4:51] The noise and the mental weight are the hardest part of this journey.

≫[5:23] The noise will always be there.

≫[6:05] This belief that you should be different is what’s keeping you stuck.

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You are listening to the Weight Loss for Successful Women Podcast with Shannan Christiansen, episode number 239. Welcome to Weight Loss for Successful Women, a podcast for women who are ready to break the diet cycle and end their struggle with weight for good. Here’s your host, fortune 100 executive and certified life coach, Shannan Christiansen. Hello, love. Here we are,

right? Oh my goodness, the year is going fast. I’m so excited. I have a very big announcement at the end of this episode, so you wanna make sure you listen to the entire episode. And we just finished up a four part weight loss series and it was amazing. It was episodes 2 35 to 2 38, and if you did not listen,

you wanna go back and listen to all four parts of the weight loss series. Coach Jenn and I, you know, we just really talked all things weight loss. It was really amazing. And so I labeled this podcast episode the title, the Hardest part of Weight Loss. And I like to ask myself questions. And so this question is, where are you with weight loss?

And I love this question because not where you are yesterday or tomorrow, but today, what are you thinking? Have you made progress? Are you still searching the internet for the magical pill or solution? Where are you? I think understanding your mindset is so important because we spent a lot of time in the past thinking things should be different or thinking they were better way back when.

And then we go to the future and we future puddle of like what ifs and worst case scenarios. And then we also think about maybe some dreams or some goals that we have in the future. And I like to think about my future self for sure, but it’s really in this present today, this moment. This is where you can make your future self.

This is where you can either give your future self a gift, or you can give her another barrier to overcome. So I like to know like, what am I thinking right now? Where am I at? Because understanding your mindset is so important. I think I’ve been on this journey for many, many years now. I have been getting coached, doing the mindset work,

teaching it, learning it, researching it. I’ve spent, I don’t even know how much time in just this process of losing the mental weight, I still, and this is how life is, I ebb and flow. So I have days where I’m feeling amazing and I feel like I’m moving forward and I’m taking steps. And you know what happens after you lose your weight is you start having other dreams and goals.

And you know, I have those days where I’m like, yes, yes. And then I have days where I’m like, holy moly, I’m moving backwards. Holy moly, I don’t feel great today. Or I just feeling sad today. I’m feeling frustrated today. I’m just feeling tired today. And I have days that are mixed with both. And I think it’s important to know that that’s how life is.

That’s the human experience. It is full of an arrange of emotions and experiences, and not all of them are good, and not all of them are bad. It’s a mix of both. And when you’re trying to lose weight, I think there’s just a lot of noise, right? This is the mental part. There’s so much noise. What should you do?

Are you doing it right? Should you be doing it a different way? What are you eating? Should you be eating this? Oh my gosh, if I eat this, you know, I won’t lose weight. Oh, but I did eat this and I didn’t lose weight, but I thought I was supposed to eat this. I mean, it’s just so much noise.

You know, what if I can’t lose weight because my health conditioner because my body won’t let me? Or because I’m too old or I’m in menopause? I mean, we’ve been just inundated with, once you hit menopause, forget it. You’re just destined to carry extra weight. You know, it’s not true. But these are the messages. This is the thought,

this is the noise. This is the noise of weight loss and carrying extra weight. It’s just this constant doubt about if you can do it. And if you do lose weight, then you start worrying, oh my gosh, I’m gonna have loose skin, or Oh my gosh, I’m gonna gain it back. I know. And the noise is always there in the back of your mind.

It is the doubt, the fear, the worry, the shame, the guilt, guilt. If you eat the cookie, shame for not being enough doubt that you can even do it. Worry that you’ll have more health problems if you don’t get it off. And overall, fear of eating less. What your body will look like when you lose the weight,

and how people will treat you if you lose weight. I mean, ladies, I just want you to pause on what I just said. This is the noise. This is the mental weight. To me, this is the hardest part of this journey. The mental weight of carrying extra weight and being on the diet roller coaster. This is the work that I help my clients with.

It’s quieting the noise and allowing yourself to feel emotion. Also, to start to just turn that volume down. It’s learning how to talk to yourself more than you listen. It’s getting coached or watching someone be coached so you can uncover your own roadblocks. You know the noise. It will always be there. We’re always gonna have some negative chatter. We’re always gonna have some doubt and some fear.

But what I teach you is how to move through it and still take action that serves you, that serves your best self. Because the noise, it’s really the resistance to it. I want you to hear that the noise is really the resistance to the noise. It’s the resistance that you think that you should feel good all the time, that your thoughts should be pure and amazing and wonderful all the time.

But that’s not a human brain. I don’t know, maybe it’s a puppy’s brain, but it is not a human brain. And so this belief that it should be different, that you should be different, that you should be better, is what’s keeping you stuck. But when you start talking back to yourself, when you get coached, when you start believing new things,

the noise starts to quiet because you’ve replaced that noise with different thinking, with one, better thinking, not rosy, posey, rainbows and sunshine. Just different thinking. And it brings different feelings. When you think different like peace, calm, joy, commitment, love. This is the work that we do in Transform Boss. And I told you I had some big announcements because I know that the physical weight is really hard.

I know that the physical weight and how it feels on your body, and I know that feeling. I have been extremely heavy, 315 pounds. I know what it feels like, and I know that the hardest part of weight and carrying extra weight is the mental part. It is the emotional part of it. It is what is going on in between our ears.

It is the constant fear and doubt. It is the noise of what to eat, when to eat. It’s obsessing over food. It’s obsessing of like this negotiation that goes on in your head about when you should eat what you should eat. Should you eat this? Should you not eat this? It’s exhausting. It’s mentally and even physically exhausting. And so I have been really thinking about you.

I know, and I’m talking to you, the one who has not come and join us. And Transform Boss, the one who has been on the diet rollercoaster for decades, who is just so tired of it, feels like she’s tried everything but is so scared to try something different. Who is so scared to work on the mental weight, who is fearful that she might not be able to do it.

So I wanna make this very easy for you because I know that you need help. I know that there is a different way. I know there is a different way that feels like freedom and peace and support and love. That is what you need. And so for a limited time, I am doing something a little crazy, but I’m doing it. You can join Transform Boss for just $39.

The I am waiving $60 of the joining fee. Normally it’s $99 to join us, and then it will stay $39 as long as you are a member. One of the things that I am committed to is that once you have a price and you stay a member, no matter what it is, I will never raise the price on you as long as you stay.

See, I know that it’s not about the money. I know that the 39 or the 99, it’s not really about that for most of you. See, you have a belief that if you join, then you’ll have to do something. You’ll have to take action. And because of diet trauma and all the diets, you think you gotta clear out your pantry and you gotta start being a different person tomorrow.

Once you join, I gotta be a different person because I failed before, so I’m so scared. And so you feel overwhelmed and fear. But I am gonna help you do this in really simple ways, really easy. So you don’t have to change everything. You just change one simple thing, one little step. It doesn’t have to become your part-time job.

And there is no right time to lose weight. I know many of you’re like, oh, well, after the summer or after the holiday, there’s never a right time. You just gotta start. Because when you start and you start to lose the time pressure and all the pressure that you’ve put on yourself, you stop freezing because right now you’re putting so much pressure on yourself that you’re paralyzed.

You’re not doing anything. You’re just like scrolling social media thinking, oh, I’ll try that another day. Oh, I’ll start on Monday. Oh, I’ll do this. There is no right time. The time is right now today because this journey of life keeps going, and you have one great life to live. Now, the second piece, the big announcement that I’m making today is I’m changing up the podcast a bit.

I’ve come to you weekly for the last four and a half years. Every single week, 239 weeks, every week I’ve come to you and I made a decision that I’m gonna now release it every other week, so twice a month. And I’m gonna bring on Coach Jenn as my co-host. And I want the episodes to be a little more juicy. And I wanna give you some time in between before we listen and drop.

And most of you are gonna come join us in Transform Boss. So I also want you to have that time and Transform Boss to do some of the work there and not feel overwhelmed. So my next episode after today will drop on May 8th. And it’s gonna be so good. These episodes are so juicy. And Jen and I just recorded a couple of them.

And on May 8th, we’re gonna talk about sabotage, because in May, may is all about sabotage and Transform. Boss sabotage is a big word. You know, it’s a big word. And I, I’m gonna make it really simple and really easy. So you can take your next step and you can move through some of the behaviors that you have been doing that have been sabotaging your success.

And so May 8th, I’ll release an episode, and then two weeks later, I’ll release another episode. So on and so forth. Now, coach Jenn and I, I love having a co-host because she brings in a different viewpoint. She has a different perspective. She coaches clients and Transform Boss. And so she sees things from different perspectives than even I do.

And so I love having that second voice on the podcast. Now, I wanna tell you, if there’s something that you’re like, Shannan, I wish you would help me with this, or I wish you’d talk about this, you can always email support@bflycoaching.com. That’s support@bflycoaching.com. And you can ask me and I’ll put it on the list. And again, I just invite you to come in and join us in Transform Boss.

Again, this pricing, I just wanna make it easy. I want you to feel like, oh, this is a no-brainer, $39. I mean, ladies, I don’t know. I don’t, I’m pretty sure you can’t go to McDonald’s for $39 these days. So $39, like I said, it’s never about the money, my love. And you’re gonna be like,

Shannan. It is. And I will say to you, this is an investment in yourself and your future to losing the mental weight and the physical weight for the very last time. So again, if you want more of this, you want more of me, you want me in your ear, you want more of me, you wanna come and to Transform Boss,

and you can go to jointransformboss.com all one word.com to join today. I mean, really, it’s thousands of dollars of resources and material, and we just enhanced the course. And it is the best course I’ve ever done by far. It’s unbelievable, actually how amazing it is. I wanna help you lose the mental weight so you can release the physical weight for good.

All right, my love. I will see you in two weeks and hopefully sooner. And Transform. Boss, yes. Oh yes, let’s do that. But I’ll see you on the podcast in two weeks on May 8th. All right, my love. Bye for now. Thank you for listening to this episode of Weight Loss for Successful Women. If you love what you heard today and wanna learn more,

come on over to bflycoaching.com. That’s bflycoaching.com. See you next week.

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