Facebook Live 7: 3 Simple Steps to Stop Gaining Weight

I was on the diet roller coaster for decades, and weight loss was something I just thought I was never going to be able to overcome. I believed it was always going to be my struggle. I tried every diet, pill, and potion out there until I learned there was a different way, and this is what I teach all my ladies in The Transform Society.

With the world changing and new stresses we’ve all had to adapt to, so many people over the last few months have either gained weight or have had a hard time kickstarting their weight loss transformation. If you ladies have been struggling lately, maybe eating more than you normally would and feeling an enormous amount of stress, uncertainty, and fear, I want you to know that there’s a different solution than eating.

Join me today as I give you three simple tips that will help you turn your weight loss journey around. Even with the presence of COVID, my ladies in The Transform Society have actually lost substantial amounts of weight, and it’s because they’ve learned how to show up for themselves, plan, and get support from a community of women, so I hope to see you in there!

I’m so happy to finally announce that we are opening the doors to The Transform Society on July 28th! We’re going to open for only five days, so if you’re ready to do the work, get on the waitlist and join us!

What You’ll Discover:

  • How you can lose weight in a way that feels like love and is sustainable. 
  • 3 simple tips to help you turn your weight loss journey around. 
  • Why we have a hard time with overeating. 
  • What to do instead of “last supper-ing” your meals. 
  • The key to living your best life. 

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