Avoiding our feelings may be the answer to why we struggle to lose weight, ladies

Have you ever watched Netflix for 8 hours straight? Or spent hours mindlessly online shopping? Or gotten to the bottom of a bag of chips and wondered what happened?  We spend a lot of time disconnecting, buffering, and avoiding our feelings. Humans go to a lot of extremes to avoid a feeling.  A little ole feeling, why do we go to such extremes to avoid a feeling? Feelings are just vibrations in our body, that is it. Nothing more.  A rush of blood, a tightening in our chest, or a sick feeling in our stomach…

The worst feeling, I have ever felt was the moment my cousin called me to tell me my mom had died. The grief and pain that washed over me was enormous and all encompassing.  But it did not kill me. I got dressed, booked a flight home, and planned a funeral.  I am still here. I have felt all kinds of feelings from happiness and joy to shame and fear. I use to resist my emotions or try to disconnect from them. If I was feeling a negative emotion, I would reach for something to make me feel better, mostly some form of sugar. It never worked, it never really made me feel better.

Feeling our feelings and being present in our bodies is key to losing weight and keeping it off. Feeling all of them, the good and the bad. If we resist feeling our emotions or try to bury the feelings, they just gain power and momentum.  They always rise to the surface. If you have a negative feeling try relaxing into it, notice the thought that is causing the feeling and observe how the emotion feels in your body. Don’t resist the feeling. Let it come and then release it.