Bonus: I Lost My Son and Had Lost Myself with Dawn Richards

We are continuing our bonus series for our podcast featuring several of our clients, our Transform Bosses. Join us in this special bonus episode as we talk to another one of our clients in Transform Boss Weight Loss.

Let me introduce you to Dawn. She is a busy wife, mom, teacher, and is also one of our weight loss coaches. She just loves helping the ladies have break throughs and is amazing at it.

She will share a little bit of her journey, what her biggest struggles were before joining Transform, what made her join, and how much she has changed since then.

She will give you some tips on how to show up for yourself. How showing up for herself enabled to her to lose 63 pounds, even through the hard times.

She will talk about how thought work has totally changed her life to get her to where she is and love ALL of herself.

Are you ready to be like Dawn, and learn how to love yourself again?

Come join us in Transform Boss Weight Loss. Today is our last day that we are open until summertime – you don’t want to miss out! Go to

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