Bonus: I Lost 126 Pounds with Sharon Spohn

We are continuing our bonus series for our podcast featuring several of our clients, our Transform Bosses. Join us in this special bonus episode as we talk to another one of our clients in Transform Boss Weight Loss.

Let me introduce you to Sharon. She is one our originals of Transform, a retired daycare/pre-K teacher, mom, girlfriend, and who is an also avid photographer.  She is also one of our mentors, and is just such an inspiration to all of us in Transform.

She will share with us what has changed for her the most, how she got her smile back, and how she is fearless and starting new things and hobbies. Plus share her favorite tools that have helped her the most.

She is in maintenance and has been in maintenance for over a year now, after losing 126 pounds!  

Are you ready to be like Sharon, and find your smile again?

Then come join us in Transform Boss Weight Loss. We are open! Go to

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