Bonus: Lost My Confidence and How I Got It Back with Tammie Molnar

We are continuing our bonus series for our podcast featuring several of our clients, our Transform Bosses. Join us in this special bonus episode as we talk to another one of our clients in Transform Boss Weight Loss.

Let me introduce you to Tammie. She is a busy mom, is taking care of her dad, and works full-time. Plus, she is busy as our Content Editor and is also a mentor.

She will talk about how Transform has changed her whole life, not just her weight. How she found confidence she didn’t even know she had. She was basically afraid of her own voice when she first joined. She no longer is afraid and is doing things she never thought she would do – like jet skiing, kayaking and doing 5 Ks.

 She will give us tips on what has helped her the most to lose 50 pounds and get to Onederland for the first time in over 20 years since her son was born.

Are you ready to be like Tammie and find your confidence?

Then come join us in Transform at! Transform Boss will be OPEN for enrollment 02/09-02/15!

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