Chocolate milk, please

When I was in my twenties, I loved soda, all the sugary goodness of a big bottle of soda. I liked all kinds, I did not like diet drinks or water at all. I loved orange juice, chocolate milk, anything sugary I would drink. I had grown up on Kool-Aid, I LOVED sugary drinks… Water, Diet soda was not anything I liked or even thought I could do. But I started one of my many diets and I had to give up “drinking my calories”. I started thinking about how many calories I had for the day and the sugary drinks did not make the cut. I stopped drinking them cold turkey……

So, what happened? I started to change my thoughts around “drinking my calories”. It happened over a period of time but eventually I just did not want the sugary drinks. I did not like the way I felt after drinking one, it was not fueling my body, I was hungrier after I drank one. I just decided that it was not worth it. A couple of weeks ago I bought chocolate milk for my granddaughter, she drank a little and I put the rest in the refrigerator. I realized it had expired and I threw it out. I saw it for a week in the refrigerator and I never had a thought about it, I never wanted it. How could I go from wanting sugary drinks all the time to not desiring it or thinking about it at all?  The way I thought about sugary drinks changed and because my thoughts changed, my desire for them is gone. Yes, gone. Is it possible to change our thoughts and beliefs? I know it is. Learning that I can change thoughts and beliefs that I have had for most of my life has changed my life.

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