Consistency over Perfection

I remember having my first “diary”, I was a teenager and I got it as a present. I loved the idea of writing down all my thoughts and then have this journal of my life. I remember Oprah talking about how she journaled every day and had hundreds of journals with her life story.

I would have these grandiose ideas about one day writing my “book” from all my journals, well I am going to have to pull from my memory because I never could stick to it. Ok, I had never been able to journal for more than a day or 2.

This is like how I would go from one extreme to another with the diet roller coaster… Either full in or full out. Those extremes were not sustainable long-term.

I always knew there was power in writing things down but would put so much pressure on myself to do it a certain way. And I never could do it. I would become paralyzed.

But I have learned that writing things down to get them out of my head is POWERFUL. It is a hack on my lizard brain. But, consistency over perfection is the key to long-term sustainability.

My first fundamental that I teach is reflection. Reflection is different from journaling, it is not about the story, it is about each sentence or thought. It is a way to see where I am today, really where I am. It is a more focused and rewarding way to write. I will be teaching this more in depth in my upcoming digital course and the 1-day workshop in Dallas (Oct. 19th).

I never look back at previous days, it is not about the story or saving it for some future date. It is about being in the moment for 5-10 mins and writing down my thoughts.

When you start something, you must know where you are. So, as you start on this journey of losing or maintaining you weight, you must know where you are. I recommend writing down what you have eaten in the past week. Really what you have eaten, no judgement, just being real with where you are. That way, you can make a realistic plan, which is my second fundamental.

Then to write down what thoughts, situations, or time of day when you think you overate or ate something that did not fuel you. Noticing what triggers happen when you overeat or beat yourself up.

After this initial reflection, then a daily reflection of what thoughts you are having and asking 2 simple questions, “Do I believe this thought? & Does it serve my highest self?”, doing this helps me to call out my BS and to quiet the lizard thoughts.

When I skip a day of reflection, my lizard brain takes over and I will seriously have negative mind-chatter all day. It has been so life-changing to do reflection for me; it helps me in all areas of my life.

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