I only work with successful women who are fully committed to change their lives. Who are ready to lose weight and let go of the struggle.

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The Transform Cheat Code to Weight Loss

Discover the 4 fundamentals of BFLYCoaching in this introductory course that includes free worksheets and video coachings by me to help give you the tools you need to start living the BFLY life today!

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The Transform Weight Loss Program

My membership site with all the tools needed to lose weight for good and transform! The Transform Weight Loss Program includes The Transform Weight Loss Course, Weekly Group Coaching Calls, Private Member Only Podcast, Study Hall with Monthly Focus and Group Study, Bonus Courses and so much more!

Become a Transform Boss

Are you her?

You are tired of “starting” another diet on Monday.

You have a section of your closet dedicated to clothes you have not fit into in years.

You want a permanent solution, no more quick fixes.

You are successful in your life and ready to conquer weight-loss.

You are committed to take the next step.

“I found a better way to lose weight and keep it off”

 Shannan Christiansen

Weight Loss for Successful Women Podcast

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There are tips, updates and coaching from Shannan!
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