Facebook Live 19: How to Know if You’re on the Diet Roller Coaster

The diet roller coaster is something I talk about frequently here on the podcast, and it’s a key part of what I teach. But the years of weight gain and weight loss you experience can seem like they meld into one long journey of being unhappy with your weight, and so it can be confusing to know whether you are on the diet roller coaster or not.

We try to tell ourselves that we’re not on the diet roller coaster to give us the illusion that we’re in control, or that the reason we’re carrying extra weight is because of our genetics or life circumstances. The search for quick fixes and your subconscious limiting beliefs are leading you down the path of dieting forever, and I’m sharing the biggest reasons we end up on the diet roller coaster so you can identify a way off of it for good.

Listen in today as I highlight 8 of the biggest indicators that you’re on the diet roller coaster. After years of buffering with food and trying new “magical” diets, trusting ourselves can be challenging. But I want to show you how to start building that trust back in yourself so you can ultimately lose weight in a way that feels like love and the best work you’ll ever do.

This year’s Transform Society event will be virtual on October 17th. I’m going to be teaching you how to stop self-sabotaging and how to create a plan to get through the holidays without gaining weight, while still enjoying all the things you love about this time of year.

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What You’ll Discover:

  • What the diet roller coaster is and how to know if you’ve been on it. 
  • 8 indicators of being on the diet roller coaster. 
  • Why I believe most women carry extra weight on their bodies. 
  • The biggest reason we get on the diet roller coaster. 
  • Why there is only a 1% success rate with diets. 
  • How to get off the diet roller coaster. 
  • Why it’s important to understand what the diet roller coaster is and how we get stuck on it. 

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