Don’t go in the cave!

I coach myself every day but once in a while, I don’t. This happened to me recently where I did not do my reflection work and food plan. I gave myself the excuse that I was busy, that it was ok. What was so interesting was that day my lizard took full hold. I had all these cravings for food, I felt mentally exhausted and was having tons of mind chatter. I did not take the 10 mins for me to do my work and it affected my whole day.

It was a great learning for me. I realized that my lizard brain is always there, always waiting to pull me back in the cave, always wanting me to be comfortable. I do this work because I want to show up as my best self. I want to achieve the impossible. I want to live uncomfortably.

How many times have you let “you” go? How many times have you put off something that takes 10-30 mins and then you beat yourself up all day for it?

New program coming in June…. Information on how to sign up will be released in less than a week…. So fun!