Eat, Love and Change

When I was 17, I was “totally in-love” with this boy. I could not stop thinking about him. I was so in-love with him that I could not imagine my life without him. I remember dropping everything to be with him, waiting for his call, and even driving hours to see him when he moved away (FYI, got in a lot of trouble for driving hours to see him). I had thoughts about him which created the feeling of desire.  So how could I have all these thoughts and feelings about him, fast-forward a few decades and I can’t remember his name? For real, I cannot remember it……No serious, I started writing this blog 3 days ago and I still cannot remember his name…

How did I go from this feeling of overpowering desire to be with him and now I have not thought of him in 30 years? The only thing that changed were my thoughts and feeling of desire for him. We all can change our thoughts which then changes the feelings we have in turn changes our actions. We have done it a thousand times…

What if you could change your desire to overeat? What if it was all in your mind the whole time? It never had anything to do with the food. What if you could forget to eat? What if you were not broken, nothing was wrong with you, you just needed to change a thought?

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