Facebook Live 50: What to Do When You Start to Give Up

I’m very excited. I am doing a free five day challenge. It starts on Saturday the 22nd. You do not want to miss it. It is five days with me and I am going to go live every day and we’re going to have this super amazing party at the end. I mean, it’s virtual, but it will be a party for sure. It’s just a great way to immerse yourself in this content and learn the tools that I teach. And so you did not want to miss it. You must register by Saturday the 22nd at bflycoaching.com/mayfun. It is going to be super fun. I absolutely love the challenges.

Join me in this episode as I talk about something that has really been on my mind lately – how we give up on ourselves and many times don’t even start. We have all the excuses like we’re too busy. Let me help show you a better way to lose weight for good instead of using willpower and “white knuckling” it. And then beating ourselves up because we ate something we didn’t think we should or we “failed.” And then we just give up on ourselves and we quit, sometimes that being a just forget it and quitting before we even begin, or the slow process of quitting on ourselves – just one or two overeats, and then slowly going out of the program. I dive deep in this episode how you can have failures and still succeed! Yes, you heard me correctly.  I want to offer you a better way, a way where you can stop the cycle of I will start again tomorrow. Are you ready to end your struggle with weight for good?

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What You’ll Discover:

  • How to stop all the negotiations with yourself in order to lose weight
  • How being curious will help you to lose weight
  • That taking the next best action can keep you from giving up on yourself

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