Should I Join Transform?

+ A Sneak Peak into Transform! 

How many diets have you tried and you still are not where you want to be? 

If you don't like your answer to that question, then Transform Weight Loss Program is for you. 

This program is designed to help you achieve results in your life and weight.

Join Transform to reach your goals and dreams in weight loss, body image, and the relationship you have with yourself. 


  • "I  am a Teacher & the pandemic was a difficult time but I still lost 51 pounds!"

  • " I wanted something different. You're able to love yourself and it shines through"

  • "I had a lot of loss this past year including my mom! I am so thankful for Transform and the community of ladies! "

  • I weigh 166.6 and I have not weighed this since I was pregnant [my daughter is 33 years old]!

  • "I love listening to the coaching calls because it helps me to break down the barriers I didn't even know I had!"

You have tried every diet on the planet and cannot lose weight long term.

You have a super busy life and can't find the time for you.

You always put EVERYONE's needs before your own.

You have lost weight before but have gained it back plus some.

You have an amazing life but weight is your one "struggle" and you just are so tired of it. 

You are done with diets. 

I was on the diet roller coaster for 40 years. I was bullied as a kid and I have finally found freedom and got my smile back! - Sharon Spohn

I am a teacher and the pandemic was a really hard year for me. But my life has changed significantly over the past year; I have made a complete mind shift and lost 51 pounds too! - Dawn Richards
I had a lot of loss over this past year including my mom. I am so thankful for Transform and the community of ladies for the support. I have become a mind warrior which helps me in so many areas of my life, including weight loss. I love Transform! - Tammie Molnar

"I love listening to the coaching calls because it helps me to break down the barriers I didn't even know I had!" - Kelly Anderson

I have to say, Shannan's tips, tools, and techniques are the reason that I am now down 30 pounds since July! This community is no joke! So much love and support! I am now 164.6! Honestly haven't weighed that since I was pregnant with my daughter (who will be 33 this year)! I'm excited to see what else happens on this journey! So much more than just losing weight!  - Dana Allen

I know, I went to a BIG Name weight loss program over 10 times, I lost count.
I just kept counting the points thinking something would click and I would lose weight and then I would end up just gaining it back plus some.

I did not know how to lose weight and keep it off.
Until I learned what I teach now.

Do you want to lose weight for good by changing limiting and sabotaging beliefs?

Are you tired of restrictive, "remove" a food group plans where you can't eat food you enjoy?

Do you want to lose weight for good and just not sure how to get started? 

Do you want to lose weight without counting calories, points, fat grams, carbs or macro's?

Do you want a long term solution to lose weight for good?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then Transform is the right program for you. I can help you. 

Here's How Transform Weight Loss Program Works:

I weighed as much as 315 pounds and struggled with my weight for almost 38 years. I was on the diet roller coaster and did all the diets, weight loss surgery, pills, and exercise plans. I was a successful woman but my weight was always my struggle.

And I could not figure it out. 

Until I found Coaching. When I hired a life coach and started to transform my mindset, everything changed for me. This work has helped me lose weight, save my marriage, and have success in my career.

I gained confidence. I learned simple and practical tools to transform my weight, my body image, and my relationship with myself.

I have been coaching for 25 years professionally and became a certified weight and life coach in 2018. I have my Masters degree from Arizona State University. 

My Results since hiring a life coach:

I lost all my weight and have maintained my weight loss, even through a pandemic and working from home.

Saved my marriage.

Feel overall better, healthy, and love my body [loose skin and all].

Increased my income by over 40% in 5 years in my day job [I am a Senior Vice President by day and a Life Coach Always!].

The Transform Ladies
have learned how to lose the weight and get off the diet roller coaster. 
I Help Women Live Their Best Lives in a Body They Love! 
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