**BFLY 5-Day Challenge**
Happy Friday Loves!

I am sitting in my office, so excited! I just received word that episode #2 & #3 of my podcast are good to go from my podcast producer. If you did not know I had to re-record because I forgot to turn on the right mic 😊

I love to practice the thought “I am learning”.

It helps me when I feel discouraged. I used that thought a lot when I was losing my weight.

I am just so excited to see all the progress the women in this group are making, I love it!

We are doing a 5-Day Challenge that starts on October 2nd. It will run from 10/02-10/06. It is going to be so good!

Every day you will receive an email from me with a short 3-minute video with a teaching and challenge.

Then we will finish out the challenge with a Q&A/Coaching Call, I usually only do this with my clients.

You have to register for the challenge, you can do so here.