Freedom is Planning

I would say in my earlier life I thought I was a free spirit, I did not like to plan, and I always showed up late. I have this “optimistic” view on time which means, I never give myself enough time. I always think I am going to do things quicker than I can. I did not like to plan. I thought planning felt like handcuffs, I had these dreams that being more spontaneous was freedom.

But I have learned that freedom is planning. It is sitting down each week and looking up from this whirlwind we call “life” and planning what I am going to spend my time doing. I call this Time Leadership. Instead of the whirlwind (or my lizard brain) leading my week, I lead my week. I choose what I am going to eat, what I will accomplish, my work time, and my free time. Planning has given me the ultimate freedom to use the 168 hours I get each week. I get more done with less stress than I ever have.

How do you lead your time? Is the lizard brain making decisions behind your back and leading what you are going to do? Do you buffer or avoid because you are not planning?