Have you looked up lately?

I take the same route every day on my walk. I like it because it is about 30 mins and I like the path. I was on my walk yesterday and was thinking about my business and all the things I had to do. I looked up and I was on the wrong path. I was a little disorientated and was not exactly sure where I was. I kept walking looking at where I was going and saw the path I wanted to be on. I walked across the greenbelt, got on the path I wanted to be on and finished my walk.

Life is full of the “whirlwind”, it is full of “busy”, sometimes we think we are in the middle of a tornado. When we are in the middle of the whirlwind, we do not stop, pause and simply look up. We can sometimes be on the “wrong” path, a path that is not headed to our goals, but we can always look up and head towards the path we choose. We can always change direction; we can always take the next best action.

Have you looked up lately? Where are you headed? What path are you on? Is it a path towards your goals?