Have you stopped eating long enough to feel hunger?

Happy Saturday Loves! I love Saturday mornings. I take time every Saturday morning to slow down a bit. I have a routine on Saturday mornings that I love. I spend a couple of hours by myself. I do my reflection work, take a long walk, and really check-in with myself.

I was thinking this morning about my ladies and how we have become so disconnected to our bodies. We have been on and off diets for so long, we no longer feel our body triggers, like the ones that tell us when we are hungry or full.

I used to not know what hunger really felt like. I was eating all of the time.

I would eat 3 meals a day and in-between I would snack. If I even thought I was hungry, I would eat. I remember taking snacks with me when I traveled because the thought of not having food was scary.

I mean, it not like there is food everywhere, but my lizard brain thought I was still living in a cave and that I did not have access to food.

We have become so disconnected from our bodies, that we do not feel the natural sensations that are built in. Our bodies are amazing. They have these built in mechanisms to keep us alive, from pain sensors to sensations that let us know when we are hungry and thirsty.

Many times, we think we are hungry, and we are just emotionally hungry, we are using food to buffer our emotions. We also think we are hungry and all we need is water. We also are sleep deprived and we eat because we are tired.

Have you felt what hunger feels like in your body? Have you stopped eating long enough to feel hunger? If you let your body feel hunger, do you have thoughts like “I am going to die, I am going to pass out”?

To get off the diet roller coaster we must reconnect with our bodies again and let our bodies work for us. Our bodies are Amazing, and we have been at war with them for far too long.

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