How to Stop Quitting on Yourself

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Facebook live for women tomorrow in my private page…

I know how it feels to start a diet and then quit and have to start over… Over and over. Until I figured out how to lose weight and keep it off, this was my pattern. It was a very frustrating, guilty, and insane way to live. I often felt like a failure.

I figured out the secret about how to break this pattern. I am off the diet roller coaster, and I have kept the weight off.

One of the big secrets is i learned “How to Stop Quitting on Myself,” and I have stuck with personal principles that have helped me to lose weight and keep the weight off.

So, the answer to not starting over and over is not quitting on yourself. This will be the topic of my Facebook live tomorrow, so if you are tired of quitting on yourself, listen to this Facebook live tomorrow morning.

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What: Facebook Live with Shannan of BFLYcoaching

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Why: Because you want to learn how to stop quitting on yourself