I am in charge, you can be too!

I love to talk about the lizard brain… It has only been in the last 5 years that I have really understood how that part of my brain thinks. It is always trying to keep me safe and in comfort. I love watching my lizard brain, love seeing what it thinks. Today, it told me to go back to bed because I don’t really want to write copy for my website. It told me that it is hard, I won’t know what to write and it won’t be good enough. I love that I can separate those thoughts and think something different. Wait, then it told me to go pick up my G-babies and go swimming, I mean that is more fun right?

But I am writing my copy, I set a deadline for noon today and I will get it done. I am in charge; I know how to manage my mind. I know how to allow the thoughts, give them a little kiss, and move the “F” on… When I get stuck or I am not getting the results I want it is always, I mean ALWAYS me and what I am thinking. Then I just do the work. Then I get the results I want. I love watching my clients mind, I have so much love for them. I love watching them change their thoughts and do the work. I love when they get results that blow their mind. If you want to work with me, keep following…. New program launching June 1st and it is AMAZING! Ps. Just showing off how cute those babies are…but seriously I am writing my copy…..