I can do anything! So can you.

On April 8th, I published my first blog. I was challenged to write 30 blogs in 30 days. I stayed true to the commitment, every day I showed up, every day I wrote. This experience of writing the blogs has been challenging and I have experienced a lot of feelings a long the way. When I first started, I thought I could not do it, I had all of these thoughts that I was not a writer, that it would take too much time. But I showed up anyway. I let the negative feelings be there and just took action. When I wrote the “before after before” post, I felt so vulnerable, like I was wide open for the world to see. I did a lot of thought work that day on my thoughts and feelings, a lot of work to be ok to feel shame, vulnerability, and embarrassment. None of those feelings would kill me. Learning to feel anything and still taking action has made me think and feel that I am unstoppable. I am so proud of myself. I love feeling this way about myself. I love that I can feel proud and accomplished, that I live this 50/50 life and feel all of it. I am connected to my body and love it.