I was always looking for the perfect bite!

I was always looking for the perfect bite. I wanted it to last as long as it could. I would take time to make sure whatever I was eating was perfectly cooked and at the right temperature. I wanted the perfect bite and then I wanted every bite after that to be as perfect. I would heat up leftover pizza in the oven because I wanted it to taste as good as the night before. I would warm up a chocolate chip cookie because I wanted it to be soft and warm.

When I think about longing for the perfect bite, the explosion in my mouth, it really is a longing for something else. It really is about trying to avoid feeling something. It is about wanting more pleasure and joy in our lives. It is about us trying to fill up a void, but food will never fill it up. I know you know this Love because we have all been trying to do it for so long.

Food is fuel for our body. That is, it. We have made it to be comfort, love, and everything else. But a doughnut is just a doughnut, it does not bring us comfort or love. It mostly brings us the exact opposite.

We must want more for ourselves than false pleasures. False pleasure is so temporary and always have us longing for more.

We have to add more joy, true joy. When I am creating or coaching, the joy I feel is out of this world, no doughnut could ever compare.

There is no perfect bite. Food is not comfort. When we tell ourselves that we just “love” food, it is just a lie we are telling ourselves, a belief that does not serve us. I know Love, this belief is deep. I just know another way; I know freedom from carrying the extra weight and finding real joy. I want this for you.

What truly brings you joy? What if we took all the food away and you got this magic pill that would give you all your nutrients, how much less joy would you have, what comes up for you at the thought of a magic pill vs food?

Do you want to work with me, do you want to start your transformation? Are you fed up and are ready to start for the last time?

Join me in Dallas on October 19th. It will be Epic.