Facebook Live 8: Is Your Family Waiting?

I went through a period in my 20s where I was a single mom, raising my son alone, and I was gaining a lot of weight. As a result, my son started to gain weight too, and I felt so much guilt and shame around it. I was trying my best, but it was causing me so much pain. I was still trying every diet on the planet, I had not found my true calling, and I remember feeling so negative, which only led to eating even more.

I could not get control over my weight and I just couldn’t figure it out until I decided that I needed to show up for myself to show up for my son, and that I could keep commitments to myself and manage my mind. This is what turned my life around.

We sometimes think that our families are preventing or hindering our weight loss journey, but what I have learned is that they’re really just waiting for us to show them the way. So today, I ask all of you ladies to challenge the thoughts you might be holding onto about why you can’t do something. I know all the reasons because I had them too, but I want to remind you that just because you think it does not make it true.

I’m so happy to finally announce that the doors to The Transform Society are now open! The doors are closing this Saturday, so if you’re ready to do the work, get on the waitlist and join us!

What You’ll Discover:

  • How guilt and shame kept me on the diet roller coaster. 
  • The power of deciding to invest in yourself. 
  • Why you can embark on your own journey, despite the thoughts that might be holding you back.

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