It IS possible to fall back in love with your body!

We spent yesterday afternoon with our 2 oldest grandchildren. We decided to go swimming, I went and put on my swimsuit and walked out into the living room, my granddaughter looked up at me with the biggest smile and said, “Mimi, I love your swimsuit, it is my favorite color”. It was so sweet and genuine. I remember not wanting to get into a swimsuit, being so self-conscious, and avoiding anything that had to do with me and a swimsuit. Now, I feel so good in my swimsuit. I do not have any negative thoughts about it, I feel free in my skin. I watched my granddaughter and she does not have any thoughts about her body, she walks around freely and not self-conscious. She has her own mind and is not afraid to tell you what she thinks or how she feels. She is perfect.

When does it change, when do we become imperfect? When do we start hating our bodies, the way we appear on the outside? It is my passion and mission in this life. There is a different way. There is a way to fall back in love with ourselves and our body. I promise it is possible. If you want to work with me, keep following…. New program launching June 1st and it is AMAZING!