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Let's get started with some great news....


You don’t have to stay on the diet roller coaster.  You also don’t need to “white knuckle” it.  You don’t have to keep searching for the next fad diet, miracle cure, or quick fix only to find no pot of gold at the end of the promised rainbow.

What I offer is not another diet.  What I offer is hope because I know it has worked for me, so it can work for you also.


You are not hopeless.  Lets face it, going from one diet to another doesn't work.  Doing this over and over again and failing, it’s natural that we would begin to feel hopeless… like we were always going to be heavy.   I once felt this way, but I am no longer a slave to the diet roller coaster machine.  I did my research tried many new things, and I have found the tools and processes that actually do work.  I teach these methods in the JumpStart program.


I was told I was overweight at the age of 8, and I started on the diet roller coaster at that early age.  

   I know how it feels to start a diet on Monday only to feel like I failed by Wednesday.  So, I would say “forget it” and just go back to overeating.

   I know what it’s like to feel like a prisoner in my own body

I know what it’s like to beat myself up over my failures

I created the JumpStart program because I found a better way to lose the weight for good, and I want to help other ladies get off the diet roller coaster.

JumpStart program benefits....

Well formulated processes that will help you get off the diet roller coaster and lose the weight for good (finally)

Stop "eating your feelings"

l Lose the feelings of hopelessness

Get through hard life situations without overeating

 Learn to "Stay on track"

Learn to have freedom from overeating

Experience love for your body, no matter how it looks. 

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By getting the Jump Start that you need, you will also get benefits you couldn’t even imagine


Lose The Weight and Keep it Off

You will be given the tools to retrain your brain for new ways of thinking and behaving that will enable you to lose the weight and keep it off. 


Find Freedom From Overeating

You will begin to lose the obsession and desire to overeat and you will feel feelings of freedom.

Lose the feelings of hopelessness and feel hope again
You will find success and this will lead to feelings of hope and joy.
Feel More Energetic

When you lose the weight you will feel much more energy because your health and mental health will improve.

Feel More Confident and Success

You will be confident to speak up in meeting and events that you didn't have the confidence to do before.

Improve Your Relationships and Intimacy

You will feel more comfortable with your body, improving the quality of your intimate relationships.

Lets talk about getting started

After you sign up, you will get access to the modules that will change your life and help you lose weight forever. This is a 6-Week Digital Course that you will have access to for 1-year.

Inside the course, you will be given processes, tools, and thought practices as well as exercises and everything you need to be successful in your weight loss transformation.

You will learn how to coach yourself through all life situations.

You will learn how to stop stress eating or “eating your feelings.”

You will learn how to get through any situation without overeating

You will have access to valuable weekly group coaching sessions where you can participate or just listen (Q&A included)

You will learn that it's not a "lifestyle change" that is required but a mindset change.  That is what I teach. 

You will be a part of the Sisterhood of JumpStart women, you will not be alone in this journey. You will have more help, support, and love than you can imagine. 

Below is a Sneak Peak into the Course. 

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I really want to do this, but I am afraid about it

This is the “lizard brain” telling you to not do it.  The lizard brain is the primitive part of your brain that likes to feel “comfortable,” so it will do anything to feel that way. It avoids anything that might appear uncomfortable or like work. The truth is it is actually much more uncomfortable to keep living in the same hopeless state.

I really need this Jump Start, but it’s not a good time

Let’s face it… it’s never going to be a perfect time to add anything into our lives.  So, we have to prioritize and put the important things first in our life.  You have felt hopeless for so long that I’m pretty positive that adding some hope and a Jump Start in the right direction should be a top priority.  Love yourself enough to do this for yourself.

I’ve overeaten for long as I can remember. I don’t think I can change.

The reason it feels like you can’t change is because you have been told lies by the diet industry.  You keep trying different diets, over and over, and of course they don’t work.  That is why I often use the term “diet roller coaster.”  It’s constant drama of ups and downs.  So, you need to learn an entirely different approach.  I have the processes, thought-work, and tools that are different from the diet roller coaster, and they actually work.

I’ve lost weight before, and I always seem to put it back on.

Again, I want to stress that this isn’t about the food, and it is not a diet.  The diet industry tries to make you feel like it is about the food, but this is false, and that is why diets don’t work long term.  The tools and processes that I provide in the Jump Start program are tried and true by myself, and I know that they work.  I am living proof.  My tools not only help you to lose the weight, my tools help you to keep the weight off through all live circumstances. 

Here is what my JumpStarter graduates have said....

"I joined the BFLYCoaching Facebook group in August of 2019. At the time I wanted something new. I was on the diet rollercoaster for over 40 years. I was the chunky kid. Always battled with my weight. I never fit in. I was tormented, made fun of for years. Joining this group was my saving grace. I never expected so much love and support. When Shannan told the group about the Jumpstart Program, I made a decision I was doing something for me. I am so glad I did. This program was life changing for me. Shannan's 4 fundamentals were only the beginning. I learned so much more and discovered a lot about myself and what kept me stuck all these years. I'm finally free and I loving the journey I'm on and continuing to learn more and more. I'm grateful I have Shannan and the other ladies in the group on this journey with me. I discovered I am worth it! Oh, and I have lost 40 pounds too!

I'm grateful I have Shannan and the other ladies in the group on this journey with me. I discovered I am worth it! Oh, and I have lost 40 pounds too!"

Sharon Spohn

"I am so thankful for Shannan and the BFLY programs. I was so confused on what were the right things to eat or not to eat. Whole 30, Keto, WW, Noom and on and on and on! I too have been on the diet roller coaster for most of my life or at least since I became aware of body image at puberty. It was always the thinner you were the better, the happier and more accepted you were as a female. Having experienced some major life changes in the last few years from career (21 years) to divorce (36 years) I gave up on everything mostly me. Shannan's program is not about dieting it's about learning to love yourself and putting yourself first and not giving up on "YOU". Once I mastered this and it's still a work in progress, I started to make changes in my thoughts which lead to healthy choices. This program is not a quick fix as it not all about weight loss, but about being mentally prepared to make choices that will benefit your future self in everything that you do!

Weight loss is the bonus or the cherry on top, but all the other tools Shannan gives you are priceless. These are lifelong tools! Give it a try, you will not regret this! Do it for your future-self. "

Pam Osbourne

"I'm so thankful for the Jump Start program. I've learned that there's no easy or quick fix it takes time. Patience is very important. My brain has thought about the diet roller coaster for the past 30 years and I've never lost any weight or if I had I only gained it back. I always felt very disappointed in myself and that this was the way my body was programmed to be. Knowing now that I can change my thoughts and knowing that through this program, I will get better and better. My favorite part is that you can go at your own pace and that's ok. You get this program for an entire year you don't have to feel rushed to meet by 12 weeks or two months or 10 days Etc. it's about you and where you are and how you can achieve the goal you want to achieve at the pace you need to go. Just keep showing up. "

. I'm so excited for everyone to try this program. It not only changes you physically, but it changes you mentally."

Nancy Dunyon

"I am so thankful that I found Shannan and her BFLYCoaching program. I was scrolling on Facebook and it just appeared in my feed. I took this as a sign that this is what I needed to do for myself. You are such an inspiration! My journey and progress have been slow but that is the beauty of this program, you can move at your own pace and take it a little at a time. My self-body image has improved greatly, I no longer look in the mirror, or avoid it, I can look and see a woman that is capable of reaching any goal she commits to. I have been able to resolve family issues by working the models, I am all around feeling more confident with myself and my body. I will admit, I still struggle with the "diet" mentality. I have been on WW so many times that my lizard brain always tries to lead me back to that. Thanks to you and this amazing program, I am a beautiful work in progress. So much love to you Shannan and your family. Thank you for everything you do. You go above and way beyond and make all of us ladies feel beautiful. 💖 And that is a wonderful feeling!

I am amazed at the sisterhood that has formed within our Jumpstart. I am making huge mental strides❤️ Slow physical changes but I know it is all possible because of you! Thank you."

Diane Massingham

"I am so very thankful I have found Shannan and BFLY! I found her and this group in August and have been following her ever since. I have been battling my weight for almost 30 years, and had just become so discouraged, and had almost given up on myself. From my first listen of her videos, I knew I had finally found a better way! And then when JumpStart came along, I really debated whether I wanted to do it, mainly because I wasn't sure I could afford it, but I heard Shannan's voice telling me I was worth it! And I am very glad I did!!! This was the best decision I have ever made. And worth every penny! I feel like I am a brand-new person, and I am loving myself again! I still have a long way to go to reach my ultimate goals, but I knew it would take time. I know there is no "quick fix" to weight loss. But I have finally found the right way to lose weight for good. And this program has not just changed me and my thinking on weight loss, it has changed my whole outlook on life in general. Shannan and this wonderful group of beautiful supportive ladies has helped me deal with some very bad times, the worst time of my life really, and have been there for me and supported me. I feel like I have made some lifelong friends, even if we can't physically see each other, and I love that! (We need to have a BFLY JumpStart reunion and all meet up somewhere - that would be really cool! :)) I was really feeling down on myself when I found this program, having been through a divorce recently (with the typical feeling like it was all my fault, and I wasn't good enough - and even though my husband used to put me down and blame me for things, I now realize it was all him, and not me that had caused most of the problems). This program and journey definitely changed my life for the better, and I now know that it really is possible for me to lose the weight I have been trying to for so long. I have proof with the 20 pounds I have lost so far. I felt like my metabolism was "broke" because no matter what I did or tried, I just never lost weight, and now I am, even if it is slower than I would like. lol 😁 I love this group of loving ladies and will be forever grateful to Shannan and her family for starting BFLY and all the work they put into it. They are changing so many lives.

Thank you Shannan! So much love for you and your family for what you do and for caring about us."

Tammie Molnar

There is hope....

You can lose weight and find freedom in the body you are in. You can begin to love yourself and find hope in getting to your goals. You can finally get off the diet roller coaster and learn to lose weight without counting calories, points, or macros. This 6-week BFLY Jump Start program will go deeper in to BFLYCoachings weight-loss process.

Shannan Christiansen
CEO and Founder of BFLYCoaching

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