Keeping your Lizard Brain in check

I have gained and lost 20-70 pounds repeatedly throughout my life. I had been on the diet roller coaster most of my life. I would either be in a “gaining” weight phase or a “diet” phase. It has consumed so much of my brain since I was 8. Every time I would lose weight, I would self-sabotage to start to gain again. This has been my “struggle”. I held on to the “struggle” like a security blanket.  

I read this book a couple years ago called “The Big Leap” from Gay Hendricks. This book is about how we all have these “upper limits”, where when we reach them, we start sabotaging to stay under our upper limit. We do this in many areas of our lives, financial, relationships, weight, and career. Understanding that we have this “upper limit” and understanding what thoughts are driving them is the key to any long-term change. Our lizard brain will start feeding us these negative thoughts to keep us safe, to bring us back down. “You can’t be too successful, you can’t do that, you need to stay the same or something terrible will happen, you can’t be too happy, you can’t be too thin, who are you to think you can be that successful”. Watch these thoughts, the Lizard brain is often going behind your back… How often have you seen this in your life? Are these thoughts driving your results? Maybe nothing is wrong with you, maybe you just have to allow the negative thoughts and still take the next action that will help you reach your goals?