Listening to our body

I was programmed since I was little on what I “should” be eating. There was “good” and “bad” food.   Losing weight meant I had to exercise.  If I just put in the work, if I was just disciplined enough, I could be the perfect weight. If I had willpower I could finally do it. It used to be fat was bad, then it was carbs are the problem, and now the new fad is to eat tons of fat.

I have learned that it is not about how much I exercise or how much willpower I have. It is about listening to my body on what fuels it. Exercise is what I do for my mental health, it gets my blood pumping, I have the best ideas when I am exercising. I do not use it to punish myself or to lose weight.

What I have learned is that my body knows what feels good in it. It knows what gives me energy and what does not. This amazing body of mine has always known. I have learned that certain “healthy” foods do not feel good in my body and certain “bad” foods feel great and I can lose/maintain weight on them.  I listened to so many “experts” on what was good for my body when the “expert” was my body all along.

Have you listened to your body lately? What foods feel good in it? What do you use exercise for, is it another way to beat yourself up if you don’t do it?