Facebook Live 33: Your Future Self and How She Can Help You Now

On this Facebook live we are going to talk about one of my favorite topics. Tonight we are talking about Future Self.  Everything that you do today is for your future self – good or bad.  I.e., If I make my realistic plan and eat on plan, that is a positive thing for my future self. If I don’t make my realistic plan and I eat 4 cupcakes, that is also for my future self, only not so positive. 

When you think about your future, what do you want for yourself one year from today? You can’t wait until December 26, 2021 to take action. When we don’t’ look up and think of our future “her” what we do today affects her, and we lose out.  We can either reap the rewards of our actions or reap the consequences. 

Don’t ever give up on you! Everything you do today, everything, is for your future self.  It is not always the big things that get us to our future self, but many small things – showing up every day, doing great work, building relationships, caring about other people, making my realistic plan, reflection work, being kind to myself when I had a failure. It was the daily grind that helped me to lose weight, not some magical diet plan.  This is the secret to the universe. What do you want for your future self? What small action will you take for her?

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What You’ll Discover:

  • How everything you do today is for your future self – both good and bad.
  • It’s the little things we do that get us to our future self.
  • Time + Consistency = Results

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