Facebook Live 34: Why You Keep Starting Over and How to Stop

On this Facebook live I will be talking about how to get off the diet roller-coaster and meeting yourself where you are at.  This all or nothing thinking, I was either on or off.  “I will start again tomorrow.”  This happens because we have dieted for so long and followed food plans for so long that we want to be perfect. We go from eating all the things to eating chicken and salad. This is just not realistic, not a long term solution.  We feel restricted and then say to ourselves “I will start tomorrow,” and go into last suppering and eat all the things. 

You have to meet yourself where you are – you can’t go from eating all the things to full restriction or even some restriction. Your brain will go into crazy mode and you will start sabotaging yourself.  The realistic plan is a tool that meets you where you are at. How to stop starting over is meeting yourself where you are at. The realistic plan teaches you how to be realistic and not idealistic, keep commitments to yourself, and break the diet mentality. Transform has the tools to teach you to start from where you are, and how to take the next best action.

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What You’ll Discover:

  • Meeting yourself where you are – you can’t go from eating all the things to restriction
  • The realistic plan is a tool that meets your where you are at
  • How Transform can help you lose weight you can do forever and never start over again

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