Facebook Live 35: Why Motivation Does Not Work

On this Facebook live we are talking about motivation. Anytime that we start something new, like a new program, we’re all excited and feeling the motivation.  Like Yay, let’s get going.  Then a week or two in you start losing motivation and fear kicks in, and you start thinking “I’m going to fail,” and everything just seems to implode. This is our lizard brain coming into play. All because change is uncomfortable, and Lizzie starts telling us that this will not work, that we’re going to fail, that it’s just not worth it.  And this is a cycle we just keep doing over and over again.

On this live I will teach you that you don’t need motivation. You just need to understand your own brain and your thoughts you will have. When we don’t notice these thoughts we start to sabotage. We need community and support, and to just notice our thoughts that are sabotaging us.  Listen in as I teach how to deal with Lizzie and how to change those thoughts, and how to stay committed to ourselves and our journeys.

The solution to losing weight is not outside of us – it is inside us.

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What You’ll Discover:

  • That you do not need motivation to lose weight
  • How to change all the lizard brain thoughts to something that serves you
  • That the solution to weight loss is not outside of us

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