Facebook Live 38: How to Eat Foods You Enjoy and Still Lose Weight

Tonight we are talking about how to eat the food we enjoy and still lose weight.  There was this one time when I decided to lose weight by trying this program where I bought their food and just ate their food. I thought if I could just stick to it and just eat this food I would lose all my weight, and then I can eat “normally” again. Well, I did it, bought all their food, like hundreds of dollars worth. There were even things like French toast sticks and pizza, and I thought I can do this. So, I tried a few of them and found out they didn’t taste so great. I ended up eating the little snacks and threw the rest away. I wasted all that money on the food and never went back.

I am telling you this because I want you to know there is a better way.  Join me tonight as I teach you that you do not have to restrict yourself or be scared to eat what you like. You have to just become the scientist of your own body and figure out what fuels you and what doesn’t and then you get to decide what to eat. How to lose weight for good in a way that you are in control and with love, love for yourself and this process. How you get to decide on purpose what to eat. How to become the scientist of your own body.

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What You’ll Discover:

  • That you do not have to restrict or count points, or calories in order to lose weight
  • How to become the scientist of your own body to figure out what fuels you and what doesn’t
  • That you are in control of what you eat and you get to decide, on purpose, even if you want to eat some nonfuel foods, and still be able to lose weight

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