Facebook Live 39: How Our Old Diet Beliefs Keep Us on the Diet Roller Coaster

I am excited to be with you ladies today. On this Facebook live we are talking about diet beliefs. We have so many diet beliefs. We’ve done all the diets and all the things. Counting calories, counting carbs, counting fat, you have to eat 3 meals a day plus snacks, exercise more. How many times have you been in the grocery store looking at the nutrition label to see how many calories or fat grams there were?

Join me tonight as I teach you a different way, a better way. I lost all my weight without counting a thing, but actually just reconnecting with my body and learning what foods fueled my body.  Diet beliefs just keep us so disconnected from our body. We don’t even know when we are hungry or when we are full. All this does is just keep us stuck. Listen in as I teach you how to get away from all these diet beliefs and start learning a better way. A way where you listen to your body and figure out what fuels you.  What fuels you could be different than what fuels me. How to reconnect with your body, how to love the body you are in.

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What You’ll Discover:

  • That the latest fad diet out there is not the answer to lose weight, there is no magical food plan
  • That each of us our different, our bodies have different needs, not a one-size-fits-all plan
  • Losing weight for good is about shifting your mindset and eating in a way you can always do

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