Facebook Live 42: Transform Cheat Code to Weight Loss Part 2

We are continuing tonight in the Cheat Code. Last time I talked about the first two pillars, which are Awareness and Planning.  Those are kind of the foundation, the basics, along with these other two. Tonight I will be talking about the pillar number three and four, which are Immersion and Success.  

Pillar three, I think this pillar is so important, because we have this automatic brain, we have all these old habits. We just get pulled in 10 different directions. And immersion is so important because it is like soaking yourself in the material and the community. Just doing all the things to teach our automatic brain new habits that will help us to be successful in weight loss. Join me as I dive into this pillar and teach you how you can immerse yourself in this work. How our community of ladies can help you when you are struggling, whether it is weight loss or something else in your life.

Pillar four is success. How many times do we show up for everyone else, only to quit on ourselves? We say we don’t have the time or we aren’t worth it. We break commitments to ourselves without even thinking about it or even realizing it. I will teach you tonight ways to keep commitments to yourself so you can be a better wife, mother, sister, friend, daughter.  Having success is like compound interest, it can just keep building on itself.  We have to look for and acknowledge our success. Even our little successes add up to bigger successes! And even if we have failures how we talk to ourselves can determine whether we have more success.  Are you ready to find your tribe?

Ladies, you can now text me! I’ve rolled this out in my Transform program, and all the ladies are loving it, so I wanted to let you in on it too. Once or twice a week, I’ll send you an inspirational tip or reminder to keep you going, so text 480-605-3506 and I can’t wait to hear from you!

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What You’ll Discover:

  • How having a tribe can help you stay immersed and be successful
  • How to keep commitments to yourself
  • How changing the conversation with yourself after a failure can lead to having success

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