Facebook Live 43: How Upper Limits and Our Thoughts Keep Us Stuck

Tonight we are talking about self-sabotage. You know, I believe every human does this to some degree.  Lizzie sometimes is very tricky and just wants to keep us safe and comfortable which can lead us to self-sabotage, and sometimes it just happens and we aren’t even paying attention. You know what I’m talking about. Thinking a thought like “you deserve the cupcake.”  When we give in that is just a small quit that keeps us stuck.

Join me tonight as I teach you steps to understand that these thoughts are still going to happen and that you can still take action that serves you rather than sabotage you. I will show how to get out of the auto pilot mode and really pay attention to what Lizzie is telling you. Listen is as I dive in how to break past your upper limits. Whatever that may be related to – weight, career, relationships.  All the things. Our brain likes to keep pulling us back down, to be comfortable which just leads to the endless cycle of self-sabotaging. I will be talking about tools I use to break the diet cycle. Won’t you join me?

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What You’ll Discover:

  • How even the small quits can keep us stuck
  • How to get off the diet roller-coaster by identifying your limiting beliefs
  • Tools to help you stop self-sabotage and get off the diet roller-coaster for good

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