Facebook Live 44: Weight Loss is Hard?

Join me tonight as I talk about how weight loss can be easy. Yes, you heard me right. Weight loss can be easy. But in weight loss, are there things that are hard? Yes. But we do hard things. And just because something is difficult doesn’t mean we run from it. Our dreams are on the other side of hard. You do not have to be afraid of hard, of failing. I tell you, hard is living in a body that doesn’t feel like freedom. It is harder to live in a body that carries extra weight, and I want to challenge you how you think about it. And don’t confuse normal and familiar as easy, because that is not easy. Can learning something new and challenging yourself, can it be a little scary? Sure. But aren’t you up for that? Aren’t you ready? Aren’t you ready to decide on purpose to change your life and change your story? Forever. What hard will you choose?

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What You’ll Discover:

  • That weight loss can be easy
  • That doing the hard things makes us stronger
  • How putting yourself first can make you a better mother, wife, sister, etc.

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