Facebook Live 45: How to Stop Desiring to Overeat and Allow Urges

Tonight I am talking about desiring food less, and allowing the urge.  So, desire is created in our body, and it comes from a thought.  Before we ever eat that first bite of food we get this dopamine hit, the anticipation of eating actually, and then we just want more so we can have another dopamine hit. And so, it’s just a vicious cycle of trying to reproduce that first dopamine hit, keeping us on the diet rollercoaster, looking for false pleasure.


Join me tonight as I teach you how to desire food less. How to find foods that fuel you, that energize you. You know, the foods that make you feel good, foods that when you eat it you spring up like a flower because it gives you energy. There is a second part to this, and that is urges.  And with urges you can either resist the urge (dieting), allow the urge (giving in to the desire), or we can allow the urge.  I will show you how you can allow the urge, but not answer the urge. I will teach you tricks and brain hacks to disrupt the thoughts that allow you to feel the urge and not act on it.

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What You’ll Discover:

  • How to desire food less
  • That when we “desire” food, it is just a false pleasure
  • Brain hacks to allow an urge but not act on it

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