Facebook Live 47: The Capacity for Love

Tonight I am talking about a really deep topic that we’re going to go through today. And I just want you to listen to this and then you’re going to listen to it again, because the topic is just so deep. And I love this topic and you know, it’s just one that you just have to keep hearing it over and over again, until you can start to change your thoughts around it, to be honest. So everyone on this planet, we are humans and we all have the capacity to give or to receive love. So in thinking about capacity, think of a thermometer there is 100. Let’s just say we as humans have this thermometer. Each person has this capacity, or degree. Some may have 40%, some 80%, or 100%. Why this is important is that some people have the capacity to receive love and some have the capacity to give love, and some people’s ability to give or receive love might be limited due to life experiences. This is important because it doesn’t have anything to do with how that person feels about us. They might love us, and just not be able to show it. And this is important. Because we are 100% loveable! However someone else shows their love to you, their capacity to show love has nothing to do with you.

Join me tonight as I dive in and really explore how other’s actions toward us mean nothing about us, how it is just our thoughts about it, and how we can change our own thoughts about it. No beating yourself up thinking “if only I was this way, they would love me more.” We have to look at our capacity – to give and receive love, and most importantly ask ourselves how we are showing ourselves love. See how everything comes back to you? You have to watch your lizard brain, Lizzie I call mine, for all these faulty, poisonous thoughts that just lead us to believing something is wrong with us, that we are not worthy or loveable. But, always remember you are 100% worthy and loveable!

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What You’ll Discover:

  • That someone else’s capacity to give or show love for us means nothing about us
  • How changing our own thoughts can change our own feelings
  • That you are 100% worthy and loveable

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