Facebook Live #51: Feeling Your Feelings and How We Push Them Down

We just welcomed in a whole new group of new ladies into Transform WLP. So much fun! Join me in this episode as I talk about feelings. Feelings are such an important part of learning how to lose weight for good. Everything we do or that we don’t do, is to feel a certain way. When we avoid emotions we consciously or subconsciously buffer with different things, food, TV, spending money, alcohol, the list goes on. We just keep pushing those feelings down like a beachball, which then causes them to come out even stronger. When we are doing this, we are not only not feeling the negative feelings, but we are also not fully feeling the good ones. We have to once again learn to reconnect with our bodies and allow our feelings. In this episode I really dig deep into the importance that our feelings have in weight loss and I will teach you a quick simple way to begin to feel your feelings.

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What You’ll Discover:

  • The different ways you may be buffering to avoid your feelings
  • How important feelings are in weight loss
  • How to allow and fully feel your feelings

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