I am always doing fun stuff for my ladies. We had a 5-day challenge back in May and it was super fun. We had a really great group of women. We are going to be doing another one this month in July, so you won’t want to miss it, you will for sure want to get in. You can register for the 5-day challenge at bflycoaching.com/julyfun.  Also, we are coming up to our 100th podcast episode soon, and we will be doing some fun stuff for that too. A contest, and a drawing and I’m going to put together some beautiful baskets of like my favorite things and some fun, really fun stuff.  

Join me in this episode as I talk about all the believable thoughts that we have. Everything that I teach is around our minds and mindset because, you know, diets don’t work. And the reason they do not work is because you may be able to follow that strict regimen for some time, but then something stressful happens, or you’re even just feeling tired or bored, and you don’t know what to do. You have all these feelings and habits that you’ve had for years, and you just find yourself in the pantry almost automatically.

Now our thoughts are just sentences, just words. They go through our brain all day. And from these thoughts we have feelings, and then we react or do things because of these feelings – like finding ourselves in the pantry looking for something to eat. Join me as I will teach you a better way. How to stop these sabotaging thoughts that just derail your progress. I will give you a tool – a brain hack – that I teach to help you start to break some of these habits.

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What You’ll Discover:

  • How to become aware of your thoughts
  • That you deserve to live in a body you love
  • A brain hack tool to help you find freedom from food

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