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Join me in this episode as I dive deep into how to have break throughs in weight loss. Everything that I teach is really so that you can lose weight for the last time, and you can do it in way that you can always do, so you’re not on this perpetual diet roller coaster.

Most humans, we buffer. We don’t want to feel all those feelings. We just push them down and we do that with food, over working, over exercising, over shopping. We do all the things to get our mind off of what is really happening.

I can show you how to lose weight for the last time that feels like love, where you can enjoy the foods you love. No diets here. Diets are trauma. I believe the diet culture has traumatized us. And I am absolutely not for any of that. So you won’t find any of that here.

Let me show you another way. How you can learn how to believe new things, how to become aware of your thoughts. How to become aware of why you are struggling to lose weight. Why it feels like it is impossible. These are just old records playing in the back of our brain.

Coaching totally changed my weight loss journey. It transformed my life. By coming into awareness I started having these break through moments. There is no magical pill or potion.

A weight loss coach just helps you uncover all those old diet beliefs so that you can live your best life. You can move forward instead of staying stuck. You can experience your breakthrough AHA moments.

At the very last week of the month, it starts on the 28th, we are doing Transform BootCamp. This is open to the public. It is the very first time ever in the history of Transform, the history of me coaching, that I have ever opened up coaching, where I am going to do a five-day coaching experience where I’m going to teach, I am going to coach, I am going to do all things weight loss. We are going to have breakthroughs. Go to bflycoaching.com/BC.

If you love this work and want to go deeper, take my free course, where I share my experience and the 3 tools that I used to get off the diet roller coaster. All you have to do is click here to learn more!

What You’ll Discover:

  • How to lose weight that feels like freedom
  • How the diet culture has traumatized us
  • How weight loss coaching can help you uncover all those diet beliefs and experience your breakthrough aha moments

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