Facebook Live #60: The Trauma of Diet Culture

Let’s talk about diet trauma. Most of us grew up in a culture that is very youth focused, very size zero focused, very this is what you should look like, this is what you should eat, this is healthy and this is not.  We have all done the counting points and calories. Low fat, and then high fat. I mean all the things! At any given time, there are 52 different diet plans out there of what you “should” eat. And then there’s also the exercise.

All this has done is keep us focused on the outside – the outside of our bodies. Food plans and exercise that we don’t enjoy. It is only keeping us from paying attention to what’s happening on the inside.

We have trauma from diet culture and to lose weight for the very last time we have to go back inside. We have to learn how to identify what’s happening in our beautiful brains, how to identify these beliefs that we have that are keeping us stuck. We have to start paying attention to our body.

How many times as a kid when you had a stressful day or something bad happened were you offered food to “make you feel better?” Here’s your treat. Overeating has just become a coping mechanism.

Join me in this episode as I teach you a better way to cope. How to handle all those hard emotions without turning to the cupcake.

I want you to lose weight with love – love for food, love for yourself, and love for your body.

Are you ready to break the diet culture?

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What You’ll Discover:

  • How we have trauma from the diet culture
  • How to fall back in love – with yourself, and how to lose weight with love
  • That losing weight is an inside job

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