Facebook Live #61: Feeling Overwhelmed by Weight

We are now in January 2022 – and I am sure many of us are being inundated with all the weight loss ads, fitness ads, try this pill or this shake.

The diet industry has taught us that we need to do all the things – eat healthy, cut out food groups, count calories, grams, exercise more.

But all this does is make us feel overwhelmed. It just makes you want to shut down.

Join me in this episode as I will give you a different way to lose weight – for the last time.

How to lose weight in a way that feels like freedom, and with love.

All it takes is one little step.

Are you ready to learn how to reach your impossible goal?

What You’ll Discover:

  • How to reach that impossible goal
  • A simple tool I use to make weight loss easy
  • How overwhelm is just an excuse to give up

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